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Flashing your motorola phone

Monday, May 28th, 2007


Tired of the usual motorola phone you have? savvy your phone by changing your firmware!!! Pioneer of the MOTO-X Forums teaches us a thing or two to revive your old motorola phone…

.:: V3i Flashing Guide ::. n00bs Read
ok for all those n00bs to the moto modding, i will tell you how to flash a v3i with a reflash, flex and MP.
ok to start, you NEED TO HAVE A CHARGED UP PHONE 80%-100%

1. Get the file you want to flash your phone with, v3i flash/flex/Mp files start with R479_ for non itunes and R47A_ for itunes.
2. Get rsd lite 2.4 or higher, use that only to flash the v3i.
3. Open Rsd Lite and connect your phone via USB cable.
4. RSD Lite will detect your phone if you have the p2k 2.9 drivers installed

5. Pick the file you want your phone to be flashed with using the … button.
6. It will show the file details in right box.
7. Now click start, in the status box it will say something like “Creating Image File”

8. After it finnishes that, it should put your phone into boot loader.
9. When in bootloader it should say something like “Loading Memory To Bootloader”
10. When Finishes #9, it will start flashing your phone with the type of file you selected Flash, Flex Or MP.

11. Just leave it untill it complete to 100%.
12. Then it says “Verifying Checksums”, when thats complete it reboots

13. After the phone resets it is safe to unplug the USB Cable and close RSD Lite.

1. If your phone wont go into boot loader automatically, turn it off then press * # and power (red) button to put in bootloader.
2. If your phone will not reset at the finnsh of the flash, it is also quite safe to unplug it and press power (red) button to turn off then press again to turn on.

Ok, i think i have done it all…
also this is my first guide/tut or whatever you want to call it, so dont flame me!

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