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Goodbye Moto… (Pimp ya MotoRAZR) :)

I just got rid of my Nokia N70 and Nokia 3120… 6 months ago, I was using a Sony Ericsson K618i and a w800i, I guess I really got tired…

Browsing for a phone, I was attracted to Motorola’s Razr… sleek, fliptype, usb connectivity, and just plain thin. (against N70)

I opted for the Razr v3i, I didn’t need 3G anyway. 1.3 megapixel, good enough for those spur-of-the-moment shots. I thought that it was a bore though (not able to change themes, thus customize) but then again, I was wrong…

While drivers were not included with the phone, (sold separately) I went on searching on the net for usb drivers (Google is our friend! :P ) and came across software modifications for Razr v3i. (Warning: modding your Razr is quite dangerous, I suggest you to think this over first)

 Lesson 1: Installing themes on your Razr (skinning)

What You Need
-P2KTools v.0.8.6 build 406 beta
-Data Cable
-176×220 Motorola Skins