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Goodbye Moto… (Pimp ya MotoRAZR) :)

Monday, March 12th, 2007

I just got rid of my Nokia N70 and Nokia 3120… 6 months ago, I was using a Sony Ericsson K618i and a w800i, I guess I really got tired…

Browsing for a phone, I was attracted to Motorola’s Razr… sleek, fliptype, usb connectivity, and just plain thin. (against N70)

I opted for the Razr v3i, I didn’t need 3G anyway. 1.3 megapixel, good enough for those spur-of-the-moment shots. I thought that it was a bore though (not able to change themes, thus customize) but then again, I was wrong…

While drivers were not included with the phone, (sold separately) I went on searching on the net for usb drivers (Google is our friend! :P ) and came across software modifications for Razr v3i. (Warning: modding your Razr is quite dangerous, I suggest you to think this over first)

 Lesson 1: Installing themes on your Razr (skinning)

What You Need
-P2KTools v.0.8.6 build 406 beta
-Data Cable
-176×220 Motorola Skins




1. Open P2ktools v.0.8.6 and click on the refresh button, this will load all the phones files into the p2ktools file manager.

2. Locate the skin folder in the /c/mobile directory

3. Right click on the skin folder and choose CREATE FOLDER

4. Name the folder the exact same thing as the .ski file for the skin!!

5. Click the refresh button and go back to the /c/mobile/skin directory, the new folder should now be visible


6. With the new skin directory highlighted click on the upload button

7. Select all the .ski file and all the .dat files for your skin and press OPEN

8. The files should automatically appear in the new skin directory but if they do not try pressing the refresh button again. Next highlight the .dat files and .ski file in the skin directory and in the file information box on the left side check the system box, then press the change button

9. Finally open up the /a/mobile/picture folder and upload the wallpaper for your skin or if you want to have the skin in the /c/mobile/picture folder then rigth click the .ski, open it up in Notepad, scroll down to /a/mobile/picture and change it to /c/mobile/picture, save upload. (thanks to djdownhill for this tip)

10. Press the restart button and you are finished!

Additional Steps for 12 Icon Menu

What You Need
-P2KTools v.0.8.6 build 406 beta
-Data Cable
-176×220 Motorola Skins
-Menu Maker V0.1 by Stant
-Modified mma_ucp file special thanks to daniclara

Use the same guide as listed above but after step 5 do the following:

5b. Open Menu Maker V0.1 and click the open button, locate the ski file for the skin you want to enable the 12 icon main menu for

5c. Click on the 3×4 tab and then press the FIX & SAVE button

5d. Now open up the /a/mobile/system directory using p2ktools and click on the upload button. Locate the modified v3i mma_ucp file listed above and press open.

<Next: Dare to go more? Flashing your Razr to the firmware you want and saying goodbye to “hello moto” by changing your boot images (had mine changed to a D&G Edition :P)>


Credits to of for the skinning method, kudos to you!