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TWEWY pin#353I went to Hong Kong a few years back. Or actually, as it last year? I can’t remember anymore, but I do remember walking along the MTR station in Central.

They had a Hello Kitty promo going on, “MTR Hello Kitty Heroes” or something of the like…

..I know how little I understand Cantonese, ok? But hear me out; I just want to share this picture I took of the Hello Kitty products they had:

mtr hello kitty heroes

Cute right? Hello Kitty is wearing the MTR staff’s uniform, probably to celebrate MTR’s anniversary. The girl in the information booth allowed my friends and I to take pictures of this, since we couldn’t buy it. We were already broke from all that shopping, so buying this was not an option anymore.

I really need a better camera phone.

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the world ends with you pin number 335I love dolls.

I love them ever since I was a kid. I remember how I use to play with nearly 10 different dolls, some of them Barbie, others were Skipper, and I even had an Ariel one from the Little Mermaid.

But me-oh-my, times sure have changed so much since then.

dream of doll d.o.t. tender shall and shaThese gorgeous pair of dolls were sculpted by Hong Suk Sin from Dream of Doll. They’re priced at a hefty $520 each and when you order them, they don’t even come with the outfit or the make up!

..but no matter how much I rant about how expensive they are, I still find them to be so enchanting.

The story behind them is that Priest Sha and Sister Shall are both working to cleanse Aeren, the City of Water Color which has been invaded by Lucifer’s troops. Sha is a 17-year-old wizard and Shall is an 18-year-old nun. But they are no ordinary Servants of God. Sha is actually a wizard, while Shall has the ability to see the future.

And they love each other.

But they can’t fall in love because they are Servants of God.

Isn’t that sad?

I hope I can make enough money to buy them some day. $1000 is no easy money to spend! I can practically go on a road trip across the United States with that kind of money.

Oh well, some day… some day!

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the world ends with you pin number 347 Actually, there are several things I miss about Canada. One of them is the weather, since I really enjoy the cold (and wearing all the cool jackets and stuff)!

But there is one other thing that I miss about it, and that’s the food.

You see, Vancouver is also known as “Hongcouver” to some folks, since there are a lot of people from Hong Kong there. And man, how much I love Hong Kong food!

lobster noodles in white sauce

This here is the lobster noodle we had in one of the restaurants near my sister’s house. I know the photo quality is not all that good, but man, was that lobster awesome and expensive!

The food is enough to make me want to stay there really… Aside from the weather that is. I should ask my sister what the name of the restaurant is again.

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TWEWY pin number 43It’s been a while since I’ve last been in Sanriotown. Why is that you ask? Well, it’s because I’ve been away on vacation and stuff in real life.

So, I decided to restart my blog. All of the previous posts (which was not really a lot by the way) have been deleted, because I figured… I might as well use this blog than create another one out of a whim. ^_^

I’m not sure who’s still blogging in Sanriotown, so I’ll be adding links of the people who comment in my blog. The links that are up now are the ones who commented in my previous posts.

I’ll update a little later about the vacation I took… First, I need to download the images to my laptop, then I can post.

So guys, what’s been happening while I was away? ^o^

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