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The Temple of Death’s first Samurai Edition tournament

Decklist first

Temple of Death


1 Seat of Power

1 Private Trader

1 Shrine to Fukurokujin

3 Secluded Waystation

3 Stables

3 Shrine to Osano Wo

3 Secluded Village

1 Winter Warfare

1 I am Ready

1 Seikitsu Mountains

1 Utaku Plains

1 Moto Chagatai Exp5

1 Moto Chagatai Exp4

1 Moto Chen Exp2

1 Shinjo Xushen Exp

1 Horiuchi Rikako

1 Ikoma Yasuko

3 Utaku Remi

2 Iuchi Eiji

2 Shinjo Kadonomaro

2 Shinjo Isuke

3 Moto Suren

3 Moto Wardogs


3 Cut them off

3 Sake House Brawl

3 Hunting the Prophet

3 Layered armor

3 Iron Tetsubos

1 Heavenly Kobune

1 Kuotetsu Chikara

3 Reinforce the Gates

3 Rapid Deployment

3 Stay your Blade

2 Crippling Cut

3 Ordered Retreat

3 Unicorn Strength

2 Legion of One

Ring of Earth

Ring of Water

Ring of Air

Ring of the Void

1st round Martin Marcelo - Mountain Shadow Dojo * His RAs kill my provinces and my little people. I lost any momentum I could have had.

2nd round Allan Ignacio - Crossroads Fortress * He got gold screwed. We played again afterwards and he promptly beat up my armies.

3rd round Aerol Bibat - Deception’s Veil Dojo * Autowin for me since I know the ins and outs of the SE scorpion decks. big_smile

4th round Mike Rabanal - Seventh Tower * We had the similar goals of creating super units. His stronghold has a nice kill action. Mine had a nice bow action. A miscalculation on his part cost him the game. All my escape artist skills were put to good use! :D