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Random L5R stuff from July 25-28

Samurai Edition was released on July 25. I only learned about it in the evening  from the L5r Philippines site.  I went to NG Galleria to get a Unicorn starter but alas there were none. They called up Virra Mall and found that they still had a starter there. The salesladies asked me if I was willing to pay for the Unicorn starter at NG Galleria, take a Scorpion starter to NG Virra Mall and swap it there since the ones at Virra Mall needed to have the Scorpion starter delivered to them. I agreed to it and went my merry way and got my Unicorn Starter. The box is pretty!

I scheduled myself for the Berlitz test. I will be calling them on Wednesday 1pm for it.

We had a photoshoot at Kimpura again. It was around 15 dishes this time so it took a long time. It was from 11:30am-2pm. We ate the food afterwards and boy was I full!

I got my second Unicorn starter at NG Glorietta2.¬† I passed by NG Galleria on my way home and bought a booster pack. I saw a fellow L5R player and I chatted with him. He bought a box of boosters to be shared with his friend and was waiting for said friend to arrive. When his friend arrived, we went to Uncle John’s and commandeered a table. His friend openned up his packs and I traded some of my cards for some of theirs. Another one of their friends arrived and he had a Samurai Legal deck so I played against him. The game took quite a bit of time but with perseverence, the Unicorn trumped the Crane. :)

I hate it when it rains!

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