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A Fateful Friday

I’m bored with nothing to do so upon Jamie’s suggestion I’m going to post about my day.

Where do I begin? I know… the part where I woke up.

I woke up at around 8:45 but my alarm was set for 9am so I slept some more and woke up at 9. I looked at the newspaper a bit to see the headlines and the comics. I headed downstairs for my breakfast. One sunny side up egg and a plate of garlic fried rice. It wasn’t complete so I headed to the dry kitchen (We have two kitchens… the one where food is prepared is what I call the wet one) and got some cheddar to grate upon the sunny egg. I nuked it for 30 seconds and ate it while reading the stories in the newspaper that caught my eye. I remember nothing about those anymore. Mama showed me a joke in the opinion pages and it was pretty funny. I headed back to my room afterwards to get ready and then the phone rang and it was for me. It was Potch from CVG Recruitment and told me where my training was and what time I was expected there. After the call, I got dressed and went to CVG and submitted my NBI clearance and other stuff. I headed to U.P. afterwards but not before grabbing a Regular Yum with Mushroom and Cheese meal from Jollibee so I can save time by eating on the bus.

Fast forward to U.P. I went into the secret tunnel where no guards lurk and headed to the U.P. C.S.A. tambayan and saw a bunch of familiar faces like Chris Ng, PaoPei Salvan, Clea Cheng, Mark Wu, Alvene & Carlson Ngo, Jamie Co, Jamie Polloso, Dorothy Villanueva, Jayne Li, Tim Sy, Migs, Charles Uy, Den Hui, Harrell Wong, Joyce Tan, Kester Kua, and Madie Co. I’m pretty sure I failed to mention 2 names since they escape me right now. I was mobbed by the apps when Chris shouted that there was an alumnus. I think I signed at the very least 30 sigsheets. I can’t remember many of the app’s names but here are the ones I do remember. Matthew Yu, Sarah Wu(shobe ni Mark), Amy Dy(shobe ni Alex), JanKim, Candice… it’s too hard!

I got an F.O.P.C. shirt from Melai the U.P. CURSOR memcom head for ‘07-’08. I went to the U.P. Post Office had a package weighed and sent it to Dubai for Php49.00 I went home after that and there were 3 tickets to Christina Aguilera’s concert waiting for me. It was too late to ask anyone to go so I didn’t.

I used the PC