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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I got out of the house today.

I went to Rob Galleria at around 12nn and played 1 game of W.o.W. with Bart. I chatted with Conci and Gaeb and revealed my forum identity to them. :p

I headed to Shangri-la at 12:40 and arrived to find out that the tickets to Perfume were going to be released only at 1:30pm. I saw Pao Pei who was getting tickets as well. She left though. At around 1:25 Aerol arrived and got in line around 90 or so people behind me. It was an R-18 movie so I was asked my age. I answered and thankfully I passed. I went to the back of the line to get tickets for Jamie and the others. I wore my jacket and took off my glasses but the lady in charge of giving tickets recognized me. :p

Jamie and her parents arrived just in the nick of time. They got the last 3 tickets. We needed one ticket more so I made a deal with Aerol. I gave him the stub for cheaper food from the moviehouse snackbar and he gives me his ticket. Jamie and I went ahead downstairs to get some photos printed then fetched her friend Lori(one of her kabarkadas at UAP) at Powerbooks.

We hung out at the line to the movies and talked about various stuff. We watched it and the movie was good up to the part of the orG wherein I couldn’t help but laugh.

We ate at Cibo and was sort of grilled by Jamie’s parents when Jamie and Lori went down to get the pictures. Her father is cool. He talked about China, economy, and marketing and making me interested in it. We had some pasta.

Celebrating Father’s day with another family is a first for me.

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