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Growing up…

I saw Arthur and the Incredibles at the FFF12.

It was funny especially since there are some scenes that I think weren’t supposed to be in there since it’s supposed to be a show for little kids. 10yr olds aren’t supposed to be thinking that kind of stuff. It should be all about cooties and everything. I guess kids these days are growing up fast.

It’s just as wrong as the Pinocchio + thong scene in Shrek 2. I haven’t seen the 3rd yet but I saw in the newspaper that it has hit grossed Php100million already. Am I right in thinking that there would be some inappropriate stuff in there as well?

Today(June 12th)  is the independence day of the Philippines; not yesterday as our president moved the holiday so that there would be a 3 day weekend to make people take vacations to the provinces and whatnot and promote tourism I guess.

I just want to say hi to Sally who will be reading this post.

*sigh*  I forgot to put the mood icons last post.

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