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I just realized — I’m not active

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008


Keroleen swims a lot! And bears are so active (well, they really do need to keep their figure after consuming a lot of honey — remember Yogi?)

How about me? What can I be good at? Jogging, perhaps? {=*.*=}

Partying is good

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

I just came home from Keroppi and Keroleen’s party. They’re really great hosts. The food was great! I like eating!

I mean, I know they say that I’m equal to the weight of three apples. But that is the result of healthy dieting and regular exercise! {=^.^=}

As they say — an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Although I can’t eat the normal sized apple — that’s 1/3 my weight!

And if I may say so myself — it’s so hard to keep in shape!

What about you? Any tips on keeping that figure?

I did it!

Thursday, May 1st, 2008


I made a banner! For my blog!{=^.^=}
I made it this afternoon!
Pochacco helped me with it! {=8.8=}
I love it!

I don’t know how to make these kinds of things and it’s my first time!

I know it’s super simple but I’m just so proud to be able to do something!

Please link me! {=^.^=}

Caring for my friends

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Oh no! Cinnamoroll is sick {=T.T=} She hurt her tail and now she is having a hard time!

Now I searched the internet and wrap1 I found this solution! It’s a wrap thing! There were even intructions on the website I found it in:

When a dog has a wound on the tip of his tail it can be very hard to get healed, especially if it’s a dog that wags his tail a lot.

My local vet showed me a really cool idea to fix dog’s tail when it is hurt or cut. Go to your local hardware store and buy a piece of pipe insulation (see photo) and some elastic sticky tape.

Cover the tip of the tail with a good antibiotic. Cut a six inch piece of the insulation and slide the insulation over the tail (do not put a bandage on the tail). Leave part of the insulation showing so the tail can have contact to air. This will help the healing.

Wrap half of the insulation and then several inched up the tail hair. With luck your dog will leave this alone. I like to use a type of tape that looks exactly like and elastic bandage that is sticky on one side.

If your dog trys to pull the wrap off the tail, you may have to muzzle him, I did not have to do this to my dog.

I hope now, Cinnamoroll will feel better!

Swimming at Kero’s Place

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

It’s not that it’s been a while since I was last invited to a party but this one’s making me excited! AAAAAj_-95kAAAAAAGlhgg

I love swimming!

Don’t you?

It’s a horrible thing when your skin tone is so white! And I believe that if there was a contest between me and Snow White, I’d win! {=^.^=}

So now, I’m so looking forward to basking in the sun and getting some tan lines — tan lines, can you imagine?

So, since it’s summer in some parts of the world, I’m gonna try to get you guys to spend it with me! How? Well, I’d love it if you could share some summer stories — beaches you visited, things you did (no matter how mundane)!

Summer is in

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

keroppi keroleen
Keroppi and Keroleen just baked cookies for us! {=^.~=}

I love cookies! They are so nice!

Plus, their family and friends have always welcomed me warmly! {=*.*=}

I hope I can repay them some day.

So guys! I was wondering if I can start Hello Kitty questions! {=^.^=}
I really want to get to know you guys more!

Which Sanrio character do you like best? How about the least? Why?

I hope everyone can be friends!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I really want everyone to be friends! And I also want to spread the happiness in the world. This is why I try to market myself well because I speak of peace and love {=^.^=}

Which is why I’m really happy that Kuromi-chan found Keroleen’s bracelet!

And contrary to what you say, Kuromi-chan, I am not popular! I just have a lot of friends–and you are one of them, Kuromi-chan! {=^.~=}

And I can never try to replace what Keroppi gave Keroleen because he is her special someone (the way my Dear Daniel is to me)!

See here, Kuromi-chan! I’ve given my love as your friend long ago–when I made a devil image of myself! It was so hard, too!

I’ve always been sweet and gentle. And showing some skin is not my thing.

Which is why I really hope you appreciate all that I do for the sake of our friendship!

Pochacco, my dear!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Yesterday, when I debuted in my blog, Pochacco was mad at me for forgetting to mention him! But I really believe that it was an honest mistake and I hope that he will forgive me for it! After all, we’re all friends here!

Actually, I also forgot to mention Cinna-chan! I’m sorry, dear Cinna! I hope you will still bake those beautiful treats for me!

People always think that cats and dogs fight. I don’t blame them–we have a lot to fight about!

But let it be known that Pocchi and I are close friends.


I hope you feel better, Keroleen

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Since it seems that Keroleen still doesn’t seem to have found her bracelet, I was thinking maybe this one will do {=-.-=}

I was thinking maybe she would remember me always if she wears it. {=^.^=}

Apple in My Eyes

Friday, March 28th, 2008

This is a picture I saw on multiply posted by the dreamkitty group! It looks as if they created the groups for me. *blushes*

I really like this picture because I’m with my darling sister {=^.~=} and I feel like I’m overlooking the world!

Don’t worry, Mimmy, I won’t eat you! *hugs*

I’m also wondering what it is I’m doing here! {=^.^=}

Most my friends have set up their blog here. Friends like Keroppi, Kuromi, Badtz, Cinna, Zashi, and even my sister Mimmy are all here!

Anyway, I’m Hello Kitty! Nice to meet you all! {=^.^=}

I like making this smiley ({=^.^=})! Kuromi once told me that it looks like me because it has such a small mouth that people almost miss it. Sometimes, my mouth even suddenly disappears! {=*.*=}

I don’t know how it happens but it does {=-.-=}

But even though my mouth sometimes takes a vacation, I can still talk to everyone because I use my heart to reach out to you guys {=^.~=}

I’m not yet quite settled in! Right now I’m helping Keroleen look for her missing Tiffany bracelet. {=;.;=}

I hope she finds it soon!