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Finally Back Home!

It took us ages, but we’re finally back home. Hurray!^^

Anyway, on to my mail, I haven’t gotten back to them. (Eek, sorry!)

First, thanks to Tsunko, for sending me this lovely picture. You are so sweet!^^ *hugs*


The house even spelled my name right!^^

And then to Fenn, for posting a page about me. Thanks so much! Virtual hug since if I hugged you, I’ll end up being a fried kitten.@_@

To Tuxedo Sam, of course I remember you!^^

Speaking of Tuxedo Sam, our ice cream party’s going to be coming up! I’m already set to decorate the place (hurray for the color yellow! But I’ll be putting up pinks and blues and reds and greens and other splendiferous colors too, so there’s a little something for everyone ^^). Sam, can you bring some ice cream too? It’d be really great since you’re a penguin and all and you’re great with cold stuff, right? Tsunko and Badtz too although I’m not sure since they’re from Hawaii and it’s pretty hot there because it’s not the North Pole. It’d be cool to have potluck so we can all trade recipes (right, Keroleen?)!^^ Everyone’s invited, so come on over!

That means you too, Daniel!^^

Oh, yeah, and Daniel, you too do chase after giraffes! Mr. Star sent us your picture when you were still in Africa!


What did you do to make the poor giraffes come after you, anyway?@_@

12 Responses to “Finally Back Home!”

  1. Spottie Dottie Says:

    I am Really happy you guys are back! and it’s going to become a cat fight(and penguin) if Daniel and Sam see eachother. they have been fighting crazingly!

  2. Says:

    *glares at Spottie Dottie’s comment, then glares at Mimmy* They didn’t like my flash. thats all… *Smacks forehead*

  3. Says:

    *hugs back* And I can make my specialty. cookie doe ice cream. MMM!

  4. Says:

    woops spell dough wrong >_

  5. Says:

    I had no clue Daniel was the animal lover type. X) Of course the animals don’t seem to love him back. :(

  6. Spottie Dottie Says:

    *frowns* (for daniel) what did i do?! *thinks* OH. ^^.

  7. Says:

    Hey Mimi! How are you?

  8. Says:

    :) Yo! It’s Tuxedo Sam..Thanks for remebering me! :)

  9. Says:

    Mimmy!!! Don’t talk to Tuxedo sam! he’s EVIL

  10. Ellie Says:

    HELLO MIMMY!!!!! I am sooo glad you have a sight that gets updated too! its so hard to find a real site with real info about you! I have a collection of everything you! It s very hard to find ‘mimmy’ objects and items so do you have any idea of where I can buy some stuff of you? (My brother loves you too!! Hes a huge fan!)

  11. Says:

    ~kirbynario teh penguin

  12. Says:

    jeez daniel,i think i will report tux sam yo teh b-dacops,maybe that will help!!! ^_^

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