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So the Good News is I’m Not a Flower Anymore

mimmyblueThe bad news is *scratch, scratch*, I’m still blue and I’ve got rashes.:( I think bees or ants *scratch, scratch* or got in my *scratch, scratch* petals or I’m *scratch, scratch* allergic to myself or the *scratch, scratch* flower me, anyway, now I’m *scratch, scratch* itchy all over! Someone *scratch, scratch*please give me an anti-itch formula, please! Help *scratch, scratch*meeee*scratch, scratch*!

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  1. UsaBunnBunn’s Blog » I gotta help Mimmy! Says:

    […] Mimmy┬áisn’t a flower any more… But it seems she has a rash now! I’m gonna send her some of this […]

  2. Says:

    Should I send you some anti itch cream?

  3. Mariah-Kan Says:

    Oh no! That’s.. a problem :

  4. Says:

    Hmm… is it poison Ivy? except when i got it i turned red with white spots…. I can’t help you because you are in the magic worldy world. but if you brought like something you can scratch besides yourself…. scratch that. it sometimes works..

  5. Says:

    i say you where a mask and a jacket and some gloves or anything that covers Everything in your body. and where that. it works when you get that itching erge!

  6. Says:

    Are you and Pink back from the realms of Magic?

  7. Says:

    MIMMY!!!! YOU ARE SO PRETTY! OMG! KITTY IS OKAY BUT YOU ARE SO PRETTY! AH! YOU ROCK! Spottie Dottie said you might come to my house. Hope you can email me when a good time opens up to come over. Love Ya!
    -Abby aka Ashley!

  8. Pink Bear, blue bear, pink cat, purple cat » Realms of Magic: Arrival in market city. Says:

    […] had been several hours since Mimmy’s transformation, but luckily all the petals had fallen off.It was simply the issue of her turning completely blue and scratching that remained […]

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