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Sooo… Pink invited me to go with her on her quest. Isn’t that exciting?^^

Just a thought though: should I also dress up as a human? That way I won’t stick out that much, what with my friends transforming and all.

Before I leave, I’ll drop by Spottie Dottie’s place.^^ I haven’t seen her in ages, so it would be great to catch up before I travel again.^^ Maybe we could go shopping with Keroleen, Lily, and Pink when we get back!

5 Responses to “Adventure!”

  1. Says:

    I’d Love To! And Thx For coming to my house! i am glad i’m back!

  2. Says:

    Oh there’s no need to dress up as a human being, just dress comfy, so you can walk around freely. :)

  3. Pink Bear, blue bear, pink cat, purple cat » Journey to the realms of magic!: The shopping list and the new look. Says:

    […] tonight’s the night I go on my first shopping spree in the realms of magic. Mimmy has accepted my invitation so I’m on my way to her house to pick her up. I also have made a new friend, her name is […]

  4. Mariah-Kan Says:

    Sounds REALLY fun! Good luck with your adventure! :D

  5. Says:

    You don’t have to dress up as a human. Just be yourself Mimmy.

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