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I Feel Silly

Jun and Lily talked to me about the situation, and now I feel silly for getting jealous. It’s not like Jun’s my boyfriend or anything, so I had no right to get upset at Lily. Sorry.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking, and I decided that staying as a rabbit for the meantime’s a good idea. If I look like one, then people won’t really mistake me for my sister, right?^^ And people did say that it’s good to try out new things once in a while to have variety, so I’ll be a bunny *tries to wiggle nose like rabbits do*.^^ I’ve been a rabbit for a short while, and it gets a bit tiring hopping about, and it gets tiring eating only carrots, because they’re a little too hard *munches on carrot, anyway*

Maybe I should ask Hiiragi for tips to be a rabbit who’s not really a rabbit…

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  1. Jun Says:

    Daijoubu, Mimmy-chan!

    And hehehe. As funny as it sounds, asking Aniki might not be a good idea..

  2. Says:

    *^^* Great Mimmy! You and Lily are back again!

  3. Says:

    Oh about rabbits eatting only carrots, not true, they eat strawberries and various vegetables, my neighbor back in Daisyville was a rabbit, and they had lots of things that they ate, suprisingly even nuts!

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  5. Mimmy Says:

    *SQUEAK* OMG, Jun’s here, and he read my blog!*tries to compose self* Oh, hi Jun *blushes, but tries to act normally* Why not? Isn’t he a half-rabbit-person thingy?
    Pink: Really? And all the while I thought it was just carrots. Oh well *munches on another carrot*

  6. Mimmy Says:

    sugarusa, I’m glad too.^^

  7. Jun Says:

    Hahah! Nah, that’s only when he’s Usamimi Kamen.

  8. Says:

    Usa- What?@_@

  9. Gissellle Says:

    usamimi kamen is hiragmi sama when g=he used 2 be a hero saving peopls dreams from kuromi

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