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I’m a Kitty Again, But There’s Just this Little Problem…

Here’s what’s been happening. Since I last posted, three dozen hellilollies and ginormous jawbreakers have been chasing after me that I ended up looking like My Melody on HKO:


Except that I wasn’t a bunny, I wasn’t on Eiffel Tower, and I wasn’t wearing a pink hood. Instead, I was a huge beetle buzzing my way throughout town and I landed on the water tower. The Sanrio town people probably thought I wanted to drink all the water, so they chased me again with the pitchforks and the torches and all the other stuffies that you use when you’re part of an angry mob.

It’s a good thing Angie saw me (thanks Angie!), I’ve turned back into a little kitten. The problem is, when I say little, I mean little. Like, I lost an inch or two of my height.

Urm, is there anyone who knows how to make me grow a bit bigger? Just a teensy-weensy bit? Please?

5 Responses to “I’m a Kitty Again, But There’s Just this Little Problem…”

  1. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    Perhaps you need advice from a caterpillar…

  2. Says:

    Hmmm…I wouldn’t complain because your almost completely back to normal, but I’ll e-mail Angie after I get Blue away from making faces at the cow in Kuromi’s prison.

  3. Says:

    Hello Mimmy! I am sorry I have not e-mail you in a while, we are all at Kuromi’s castle, I think Pink told you about our progress. I found a map and now we’ve found our way to the first tower and the prisons. We will soon find your sister, and remember when we’re all back to give me your autograph, I’ve been wanting to get it ever since my first time in town. Meows for nows.^^.

  4. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    @Pink Bear, what has Blue got against cows? D:

  5. Says:

    I have not clue Ripplecloud, I guess he got bored or something.

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