The Secret Diaries of Mimmy White
The Love-Hate Relationship Between Mimmy White and Her Twin Sister, Hello Kitty

Me, But Not Me

Even if the pompoms are yellow, I seriously believe that this wasn’t meant to be me (since the caption was Hello Kitty).:(


Must I end up relying on people’s wrong creations of my sister to appear in public? Then that wouldn’t be me at all, but just a mistake. :( I wish they’ll appreciate me for who I am.:(


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6 Responses to “Me, But Not Me”

  1. Says:

    No tears, your still popular, rome wasn’t built in a day.^^.

  2. Ganta Says:

    Hi Mimmy! I hope you are doing fine. *croak*

  3. Mimmy Says:

    I’m doing a bit better, thanks.^^

  4. Says:

    Maybe you have another sister!

  5. Says:

    *Gasp* It might be BOB!

  6. Says:

    Bob’s a girl? D:

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