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New Year’s Eve

Well, we’re here by the Seine river on New Year’s eve. Keroppi, Keroleen and I brought Zashiki here to try and make him feel better (there riverside is decorated for the holidays), because he’s still very depressed that Tabby’s still missing. So far it’s not working.:( It’s been over a month now since our little mouse friend is gone, and I don’t know if Zashiki can still hold on. He’s been muttering under his breath about a wish and the coming new year, but I don’t know what it’s about.@_@ He’s not talking to us that much. I just hope he doesn’t snap.@_@

Anyway, on the bright side, we saw an actual Mimmy tree! I was so surprised but very, very happy to see it. I had a picture taken with it, just in case people don’t believe me.

Mimmy Tree

See?^^ I climbed so you can see me and my huge tree version. It’s definitely me! Yay!

Hmmm… Maybe we can convince Zashiki to take a picture right beside the tree. Maybe it will lift his spirits. If not, there’s always the fireworks at midnight!

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  1. Says:

    Oh how wonderful!^^ Even in France they know you exist, you are very popular Mimmy.

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  3. Says:

    wow. that looked almost like hello kitty. only the ribbon is on the wrong side *^^*

    new year joke~ happy new year mimmy!~

  4. Says:

    Happy new year!^^

  5. elchinas Says:



  6. PinkBubbleGumNiiinja~ Says:

    LOL! Hooray for the adorable twin sister of Hello Kitty!^-^ *claps*

    (this is a REALLY cute picture too!^-^)

    ~DaPink’Ninja’Grrl from Sanriotown forum lol :P XD ^^

  7. Says:

    Cute read, thanks for sharing this, and have a blessed and happy new year 2019 in advance.

  8. Happy New Year 2019 Says:

    You done a great job, Excellent work!!

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