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Bows are Purr-fect Christmas Decors!

Pink is really getting hooked to these online quizzes!^^ They’re really quite fun, and I decided to take the one she posted most recently.

You Are a Bow
You don’t think of it as the holiday season - you think of it as the present season!


Wow! It’s perfect for me! I love bows (I wouldn’t wear one if I wasn’t a fan ^^) and I like having our tree decorated with lots of them. Only… please make at least a few yellow and not all red, pretty please?^^


I have a feeling that this New Year is going to be great. I can just feel it!


9 Responses to “Bows are Purr-fect Christmas Decors!”

  1. Says:

    But… Red’s such a nice color!

  2. Says:

    How wonderful! Bows.^^

  3. Says:

    Oh yeah, wheres the picture of your decoration?@@.

  4. Says:

    It’s me hksoph i have made a new account is it okay if my blog is a hello kitty character blog? Like yours exept hello kitty.

  5. hello4kitty Says:

    Also could you (pretty) please make a post that says your sister made you
    make a blog for her? pretty please?

  6. Says:

    It’s Kittycutie-pie please help me!

  7. Says:

    I am also known as hello4kitty or as hksoph

  8. Says:

    Hi hksoph! Welcome back! Sure, go for it!^^ It would be great to have you join our adventures!

  9. Says:

    Raein: I like yellow more.^^

    Pink: *gasp* I don’t know!

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