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adventures are not only found in HKO but in real life too…

i started my adventure in HKO and gained friends from around the globe…

while HKO is still not yet launched commercially, i used the time for continuing my adventures in real life…

and here is what keeps me busy…


these are hand-made bags from recycled fabric…

we made them as “unique gifts” for friends and families last Christmas season, and others wanted to have one also…

so we are now officially making and selling bags! =)

i named them dungca bags, under a brand name: dungca designs…

this one i was tempted to name it “badtz bag” LOL


this keeps my attention away from waiting for the official launch of HKO!

as of now, designs are posted here http://www.dungcadesigns.multiply.com

pls visit and feel free to add a comment… all comments are welcome!

i have not played during the valentine event in HKO (teary eyed)

i only got the chance to drop by  and say hi to my guild - Sailoria!

see you then!

3 Responses to “My Adventures IRL”

  1. […] manni: My Adventures IRL […]

  2. Hi manni! I miss you! Cute bags though! ^_^

  3. I seriously love those bags. How did you make them? And “Badtz Bag” sounds very appropriate.XD

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