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I love my bf!!!!!__________________________

__He is smokin’ HOT!!!!onfire1.gif

Lové is the most inportant thing in life.

Hi!My name is i_do_not_like_penuts!You can call me penuts/Samantha!So,like on my About Me on my profile,here is stuff about me.:) Enjoy!!!!!

—————–Early Life———————————————————————–
My story begins with my birth.I was born on St. Valentines Day.I am a loving and caring person and I do not like mean gals/guys.I do not like Bush.He was the worst president the U.S.A. ever had,in my opinion.He made up NCLB(No Child Left Behind)!That law states that by 2014 every child has to be reading at grade level.It’s not fair!When my sis told me that I exploded.That law has to go!!!!

———————My Teens——————————————————————-
Well,my teens are doin good and I love them!I have a boyfriend named Jhonothan and he is smokin’ hot!!!!!!!We always meet in a little library and have fun!!!I am getting a job soon(a real one!) Soon.I am not 14 im a little older.Anyway…

————–Present Day———————————————————————–
Right now I have a happy life.I have all A’s in high school and i’m fine!

I have a happy life and I hope we can be friends!!!


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