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So I decided I’m kind of tired of hunting high level pets. Instead I’m concentrating on breeding pets because they all require pretty low level pets. And I was super lucky to receive 4 pet cards. Angry Boxpig was a total luck thing since I wasn’t really hunting for it (3 hits total!). Okay here’s my pictures and summary.

Webley - 1069 hits

Angry Boxpig - 3 hits! Totally unintentional.

Boxpig - 113 hits (You can see my two lone drops for my Angry Boxpig here)

Squeet - 288 hits (Wayyy better than the first time I was hunting this pet for my Squetdrop breeding)

So the Boxpig and the Squeet will be used to make a Boxet but I need to increase their levels first. Luckily for the Pinley my Pinbee was already leveled up. So I busted out my alt characters and had my private pet party in my farm so I could level up my Webley. And the results…

Okay so that’s it. I’m leveling up my Boxpig and Squeet so maybe I’ll get the Boxet done today. Let’s see how fast it goes. <3

Here’s my small (or big?) detail about the Birthday Bash in Tokyo.

We all met up around 9:00 PM server time in the Harbor. GM-Jujube and GM-Pomelo were our escorts XD.

Magically Hello Kitty comes around and greets us (Haha obviously they made her into a pet because later she showed signs of hunger)

We had to wait until 10 PM server time until we could go to Tokyo. But Jujube was our driver. Haha.

After much lag… TOKYO with TWO CARS!

There was the rainbow bridge to cross over to the main part of Tokyo. Had cute little cat footprints too.

Okay now for the photo dump… I’ll just put the key areas and put up a link for the Facebook album later.

Anyways enough photo dumping. We were all eventually called in for the event. Nothing fancy like last year with the gimangous Box Pig (Party Pig I believe?). Instead we had MONSTER SCRAMBLER! Which by the way I’m okay with finding the pet but not so much the scrambler part. Jujube got to hide his Fierce Webley pet. Of course in the most interesting places. Got to win once yay! Found mine by the CAT BUS ^.^ V In the middle Pomelo had to go to a meeting but made it for the last round. Pretty short meeting if you ask me XD I bet he ran to come see the outcome.¬† Anyways here’s our last photo. Everyone came except one player

Happy Birthday to Kitty and Mimmy! I’ll just assume Mimmy is on a date because it’s just so sad we never see her except in London. This was a nice photo though with the determination of Jujube to get a good one XD But alas… we had to take the cat bus home… aka the Harbor…

A lot of us stood there for a while… until we decided to go back… We all had fun… until we had someone ask us about the music. Then we realized OMG WE HAD OUR MUSIC OFF THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME! Haha what good fun <3 Thanks GM-Jujube & GM-Pomelo for running the Tokyo visit today. And thanks to all the other GMs for the events XD

Pictures on Facebook

Though I think you’ll need a Facebook account to view it ^^”

Plus if you wish to use these photos. PLEASE email me or contact me in game. The only person that I give full permission to is Lyly just because XD

Well I was attempting to get a Banana Kart Card. Over 2000 hits and a passerby basically got it. Pretty much hit it another 600 times and gave up. So tried my luck with Woolly…158 hits.

Basically I’m going to hang around Paris since I haven’t seen anybody there in days. My next pet is going to be a Pong-Pong. Pray that I don’t have to do that much work.

561 hits to get a Gumdrop XD It looks so yummy and cute!

Me and my Gumdrop

Okay seriously I’ll go back to Wooly now LOL XD

It was very short actually getting this card. 114 hits. Not too shabby.

Next the Wooly Card XD

To get this card I had 1071 hits! But here is my results XD

Me and my Aerophant XD

Today I finally made a Squetdrop with the help of my dear friends who helped me level up with the pet parties. :)

Then later in the weeeeee parts of the server time I pet hunting for Double Trouble. 731 hits to get the card :P

Then I decided to go next door and get Sequoya. Which amusingly only took me 82 hits.

Anyways as you can see. I am now in South Sun Land. And I a ready to get an Aerophant. XD

Avatar Name: CC-chan

Server: US/C

 Regular GMs


This one is for the fangirls ^.~





Unique GMs



Special GMs


Our young smexy model. He has a a little girlfriend with long hair haha


We should seriously get more than 3 points for this guy XD He’s rarer than the special GMs. :P I’m not sure if he counts. But I’ll let you guys decide.


So met the GIMANGUS Penguin Mayor. And now doing part two of the penguin bashing. Then I’m pretty much done with HKO other than doing the Pet Hunt Quests. Then what am I left with? Any suggestions?

Dear HKO friends. Meet Mole Buddy! He showed up in my farm for no apparent reason. No plants in any plot for him to gobble up. But yet there he is and not sleeping! So of course I had to take a picture with him.

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