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Dawn wake, the night is gradually replaced.
Long time has passed, but the
nostalgia would not be able to subside.
Your tears fell slightly, like drops of dew.
I do not know why love is so hard.
Take me away from here, just for tonight
For you hold me last, gently come to you.
Just once, please hold me so long.



2day is not my lucky day ah~~~~~~
This is the first time I translate novel n post in webpage.
But 2day after I post it (just the Opening), 1 woman comment that this novel has been translated by some1 else.
So so sad now………….
………..need 1 shoulder for crying~………….
……………….n my tears will become the rain…………..


I also finally get out of disaster studies.
After the Tet holiday I had to do many many tests.
I also had to do a history presentation, too, but finally ended today.
I got A for this presentation >.

Wish u a Lunar new year with the best, money n lucky!!!

Wish my friend will get good marks on studying!!!




Wish u a Christmas  n New Year with full of joys, l0v3, healthy n peace

Wish friends who play Luna Online ‘ve good fightings

Wish Dergun-my little bro ‘ll ‘ve many many A marks on spelling English

Wish my classmate (in past n now) r always happy, get good marks on studying

N finally I wish all the best for my familly

Mery X’mas n Hapy N.Y!

 >.~    1202744061907921_2c74617d1.jpgcold-winter.jpgpicture-1-2-prince-8839476-1023-729.jpg           

Any1 in Sanrio town play Luna Online plz contact me! >.<

(This is LO website: http://luna.gpotato.com)

It’s a MMORPG game

Game’s style is manga with cute images

The speacial is that we can make a family where we share our feelings together

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