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sick (still)

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

yep. as the title says… im STILL sick. it is absolutely horrible! i have the worse cold of my entire life (i swear) and come and go migraines beyond belief… im soooo bored. urgh, i dont know what to do. in between “the devil wears prada” and eatin soup (and more soup… i have a sore throat) i have nothing better to do. i finished all of my algebra homework, my english project and book report, my civics, and my spanish. this just isnt good.

 that and im missing my finals today, and now i have to go in during the weekend to make it up. blah. this is iiiiiiiiicky.

thats all



Thursday, January 11th, 2007

yea. im sick. and it sucks… a ton. lol. i have a killer migraine and aaah… yea. thats about it. but if youve ever had a migraine… it sucks. and now i have to watch stupid shows all day because i cant sleep. it is horrible. okok. buhbye.



Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

wow. this is intense! lol. ok so here is what happened. lol. i go to the Y every monday wednesday and friday… AND THERE IS THESE GUYS MY FRIENDS LOVE and he basically said he wanted to sleep with them and thats it… we are all freaking out! pretty wierd! LOL

and i just recently figured out one of them likes me! like i have said before… only because they wanna sleep with us… but stilllll. he is SO hot!

what the…

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

ok so right now… im on IM and this stupid person… zac… ugh. i dont know, he like, comes on, says like, 4 words to me, and then he is gone. i mean… hellooooo? rude! so i am annoyed and i feel like telling you about it. Ugh.

 ok. so he somes on.

me: hi

him: hi

me: how are you

him: good u?

me: im fine. still grounded and under house arrest but my parents let me go shopping, but thats about it.

him: (a blank nothing. i mean… helllllloo answer me!)

me: so whats new?

him: nm u?

me: nothing

him: (blank nothing AGAIN!)

me: so did you end up fighting that guy?

him: no

me: thats good

and then he just leaves. hello! rude much. not a goodbye or anything. he just left. like byebye BAM. RUDE! he will be on later (he always is) and ya know what??? im gonna yell at him, i think he has a stupid younger bro. maybe it wasnt him. i dont know. it sounded like him. but it was online. so who knows.  but he usually says more. and i think he was working today anyways. UGH

now im maaaad. i hate people who do that to me. lol

now im bored. and i had to go nd then i didnt and now im booooored.


thats all

ok and now he is back… wtf. i am not going to talk to him i dont think. lol

im soooooooo back

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

im back (in black… LOL jk) and i think im giong to talk about…  …. … …. …….. AHA! the amigops. i shall talk about the amigops! the amigops (and yea…. i did spell it right)  are my friends. we were thes tres amigops… but i think now we are the lolas… because we had two peeps join our BFF group. lol. but there are. like, 5 of us? me kelsey krissy coutney and alex… yea. there is 5. lol. together, the amigop/lolas can do pretty much anything. we could wipe out an entire mall if we tried (kelsey is pretty much LOADED) and we can laugh louder than anyone else, prolly. and we are pretty immature for our age. only when we are together of course.

here is my favorite “we are immature” story

we were at the YMCA and our hot friends were there. KK (krissy and Kesley) both toally love them, and this was before they even knew us! so we were beign total idiots… but having oooh sooo much fun! and we took a tampon and we shoved it under the door that kinda seperates the girls and boys locker rooms. this isnt funny… kinda creepy right? but then we told krissy we wrote her number on it with sharpie (in which we did… lol) and yea. in about 15 minutes afterwards our hot friend called krissy and told her she lost her tampon and asked if she wanted him to return it. you should have SEEN HER FACE! ahahahaha! lol

immaturity is a great thing i think. if we were like, all serious all of the time… like, that would SOOO suck!!! like, kelsey bro said last night, you guys are sooo immature and we arent… people would prolly think we were older than you guys! but ya know what… they are going to be 80 and have nothing to laugh about, where as my friends and i are prolly going to DIE of laughter from all the stupid stuff we did. cant you see it? 5 of us all keeling over our walkers with our little orthopedic shoes and just dying of laughter??? LOL

ok, thats all. i think im going crazy… LOL

good morning

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

gah. im so tired. but ill be ok! lol. well anyways…

my mom and my dad are outta de’ house for some wierd thing all day! YAY ME! they are mad at me, i think, so it is kinda a good thing! lol. but now im going to spend the majority of my day online, i believe, and watching movies. and also… packing for the Y tomarrow. i get to wear my totally adorable, pink and orange, super short shorts tomarrow!!! yeayeayea! i like my shorts, they definitly show off my great (thats right, great!) legs, and im happy about it. there are some creepers there, old guys, that like to check younger girls out… but thats ok… not really, it is pretty gross… but eventually they stop staring :P

okok. thats all for now… lol


Sunday, January 7th, 2007

i went shopping today. i was super tired tho. lol

we were trying on these dresses and it was super fun! and we wanted to take pics but they wouldnt let us. no fair! but there was this purple dress and it was so pretty and i felt like a princess wearing it! lol… yea me!

we all bought matching scarves and gloves and we wear them like our foreign exchange student friends do. kinda as a joke but very funny…

hmm. i bought these shorts… they are aeropostale sleeping shorts and they are short. im gonna wear them to the Y and show off my KICKASS legs!!!

i also bought a bling ring! it is pretty cute. it looks like an engagment ring…. only HUGE! i love it. lol

thats all for today peeps!



Sunday, January 7th, 2007

yea me! i did a GREAT thing today! see, every week, three times my friends and i go to the YMCA. it is loads of fun! and today… we talked to this guy and i got like fifty hot guys’ phone numbers! HEART! i mean, we are talking HOT guys here!

i mean, i think for being 15 i score preeeeetty well with those hot older guys, YAY ME!

 i also am grounded for like, 20 different things but besides all that… its all good. lol. thats my life in short i spose. different people fighting with me… creepers… the regular wannabe freaks… ya know the drilll. lol… ok. thats all