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Saturday, April 28th, 2007

hey, i havent written anythign in here for a while haha.

 heres whats new

a new dance coming up, and no one to ask. how sad. lol… i could ask someone but im tooooo shy to do that.

i found out a good friend of mine is a drug addict. kinda creepy… haha

my best friend broke up with ehr boyfriend… that was kinda rough on both of them, lol.

i spent a week where 3 guys liked me, and 2 still do… but not the one i really wanted to like me. ill explain. one, i liked. i think. kinda. i never really met him, but he was my best friends boyfriends best friend. and i really wanted him to like me. but he stopped talking to me all together. which sucks. THEN… i was at a bowling alley and this guys mom pretty much set us up. and i mean, he is really nice, just not my thing… ya know? and then i was at the mall… and ya know what, this guy handed me a napkin with his phone number on it. and he was really nice to. but i liked that one guy. well. all these guys were after me. and wtf was i sposed to do??? so. i ended up not talking to any of them. only one of them, the one i liked, did it to me. which sucked haha.

hmmm. my sister is still kinda craaaazy

i got into a huge fight with my [[real]] dad. he called me a ton of bad names. A TON of bad names. and he called my mom a TON of bad names. so me and him arent really on speaking terms. at allllll. i dont really everr wanna talk to him again, as of right now.

and i know there is more. i just cant really think of it.haha.

so yea. thats all i guess haha!