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Kitkatherine’s School Desk

Friday, May 16th, 2008

In my major in my university, we are in the same room for all of our design classes. That means I have my own desk, which has a small cubby under it. I get a small piece of chip board to tack things to and what not. I have taken to kind of personalizing my space, and here is what sits on my desk each day.

The Hello Kitty Coin Bank was a deal - on sale for 9.99 at Urban Outfitters (which I live across the street from). The wooden organizer is from Ikea, and I put my stickers from Botan Rice Candy on it ^_^. And there is a ramune bottle and some of my perler art. Oh… and my MacBook Pro power cord… tehe.

Hello Kitty x Designers

Friday, May 16th, 2008

I love Hello Kitty things, especially when they are done well. I first fell in love with the Rebecca Minkoff brown leather bag (which I still love… it is SO tasteful).

The whole collection..

As you can see, the clutch is pretty adorable too, and I love the kitty fabric used to accent the brown leather in this small collection. As much as I loved this design collection, I think the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki collection really hits the spot with me. I love the bright colors and gold accents (they’d go perfectly with my cute new gold sandals - that were under 7 dollars !!). I am a hand bag lover (I’m a girl, isn’t this a given?) and I think these would maybe be even cooler than the it bags that you see everyone carrying. Simply because it is so… me. High fashion + Hello Kitty. I’m in love. Tokidoki, an Italian designer with a love for Japanese culture, has some other stuff up online at his online site. He designs really adorable things, but his Hello Kitty collection - !!!. Currently it’s not REALLY available in the states, but with eBay, we can get it!



Friday, May 16th, 2008

Seriously, how can you not love a ramune? Especially lychee berry? (Actually, my boyfriend doesn’t like them… so I guess I know the answer ^_^)

Kitkatherine Got a Job - Hurray!

Friday, May 16th, 2008

I am excited to inform everyone that I have accepted an offer for a co-op position. A co-op (short for cooperative education) is where companies team up with colleges to over students short term jobs (2 1/2 months, about the length of a quarter) and these jobs are to aid in your future career. My major is industrial design (basically designing 3D objects - think your cell phone, gym shoes, toys, notebooks, oh everything..). My offer came from Mead - the company that makes 5 Star notebooks, Trapper Keepers, and At A Glance planners. They have a few other brands as well. Probably, you have owned something by Mead more than once in your life. I am so excited to begin work. I enjoy school, but sometimes I feel kind of (really) wasteful, and I have been anticipating working for awhile. Just wanted to let you all know that I have been successful in my job search!
I did have to get a drug screening and they cut a chunk of my hair out :( You can’t see it but I can feel it and it’s been driving me crazy all day!

Hello Kitty Online Trailer - Finally Up!

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Yup! All my hard work finally got put into a movie! Hurray! I really hope you enjoy my trailer, it took me awhile to get all the work done on it.

Hello Kitty Online Movie

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

This about the Hello Kitty Online game, I made this a bit ago but had trouble putting it up, then I finally figured it out. Enjoy :)

Lucky Star Limited Edition

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

!!! I got this last week and was SO happy. It felt really really good to receive this adorable little thing boxed up.

Contents of the box:
Adorable (but huge - XL - I have to do some sewing) shirt with the winter uniform printed on back and front
Choco Cornet screen wipe - which is a cloth for cleaning your screen tucked inside a choco cornet plush
2 CDS : Konata Character CD (some songs performed by Aya Hirano - or Konata Izumi) & Motekke! Sailor Fuku! cd - which comes with another song and both song without lyrics
Special Edition DVD case with 4 episodes of Lucky star in japanese and english (dubbed of course)
Oh, and of course the adorable little box!





Hurray! I love Lucky Star, and they did a pretty good job with the voices. I still can’t decide whether I like the fact that they stuck with Wendee Lee as Konata simply because she did Haruhi (because Haruhi and Konata were both voiced by Aya Hirano in Japanese.) I liked her as Haruhi okay, but she’s a kind of weird Konata. I like Tsukasa’s voice a lot. And my favorite character as always is Kagami. I just love her - she is so me.

Hello Kitty Rice Krispie Treat Cake

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

I’m trying to start switching blogs from my hkotest blog to here. Now that the beta is ending… it’s time.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Rice Krispie Cake

My boyfriend’s sister’s (her name is Sarah, just fyi) 19th birthday was this weekend. Sarah isn’t big on a lot of sweets, so I decided cake wasn’t the best for her. I wanted to make the cake cute, and I knew she enjoyed rice krispies, so I tried this. I thought of wrapping it in fondant, but I liked the idea of this a little more. This is a REALLY simple cake to make. I just shaped this while it was warm (I let the krispies cool in a pan for a little). It turned out really cute. Of course, I wouldn’t let them stick 19 candles in this, so I had a small round cake as well for the candles.


The Cake Lit and Being Blown Out.

And EVERYONE loved the cake. It was gone pretty quick. :) Good birthday.

Yagööt Yogurt

Friday, May 9th, 2008

SO one thing that is really popular out in California are the delicious frozen yogurt places pinkberry and Ce Fiore. Of course pinkberry is only located in New York and California (if you are going to be hip, you’re going to be hip there) and Ce Fiore in California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Washington. Oh and Kentucky. But Bardstown Road in Louisville is REALLY hip and it totally fits in. I used to stop by when I visited my friends who went to UofL (University of Louisville.) And now, Cincinnati has it’s own : Yagööt. Yagööt (which is REALLY annoying to type because of the umlats…) is a delicious little place in the new shopping area in Norwood (a city within Cincinnati..) that is owned by a local bakery, Busken. Their ads claim it is the “original Tingly-Tart Yogurt” - which bothers me a bit since Ce Fiore and pinkberry DEFINTELY came first, but whatever. It’s still delicious, and tastes a bit different. It is a bit creamier (my boyfriend says that the others feel more like ice and are a bit more watered down) and it tastes less like yogurt - which I agree. I do love both Ce Fiore and yagööt, but I’d agree with the boy. It is different. And different is almost always good :)


You can see the design is similar to some of the Ce Fiores and pinkberries (google image search and you will see this pretty easily). But not many in Cincinnati are going to know that or care. I’m just SO happy we have one. And boy, is it delicious. They have about the same choices in toppings as the other two places, plus a coffee ice cream (which I was not willing to try - I hate coffee). I got an original with mochi (theirs was really good) and blackberries and devoured it. I even finished off my boyfriend yogurt. And I’m trying to convince him to take me this weekend - as it if on the way to the grocery store :). If you are ever in Cincinnati, seriously stop by.

Anyone else loving the Haruhi headband ? Because I am. I wore it for my critique today. I just feel so cute in it!

EDIT Maxine Blotter posted this, and I felt it necessary to say, that apparently Busken was serving this yogurt back in the 1970s/1980s. I knew the Hyde Park location had been serving it in early 2008 and then opened the store, but not that. So how cool is that?? It’s too bad this store wasn’t around years ago, I would’ve loved to have this around during high school.

DIY - Haruhi Headband

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

So another tutorial.. this one you could probably figure out yourself. I decided to make a headband like Haruhi Suzumiya’s because I love her hair. It’s just way too cute, and I think it’d be a good headband for all time. I just finally bough ribbon recently…

First, you’re going to need a headband. I suggest one that is under 1 inch, my ribbon is 3/4 of an inch (bought at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts for 1.49 a yard - you’ll need about 2 yards, more if you want bigger bows.) The headband is really your choice - I chose a thicker one simply because I had it lying around, and I also like them more. But you can go thinner. I think 3/4 inch is about the right thickness. First, if your headband has something glued on it take it off. You can see in the picture the end of the headband I used was already coming off. I used a hair dryer (heat setting) to melt the glue a bit and it came off perfectly.

After the first layer of ribbon.

Gluing the second layer

So once you get your ribbon and a plain headband - you can start. You will need a hot glue gun. For the first layer, I actually only hot glued then ends and then spray mounted the rest. I don’t really know why I did this. But I did. The hot glue took to my ribbon a bit weird, but it isn’t noticeable. I just didn’t apply it allover, but in about 5 different spots. I did the same thing for the second layer. I chose to do a second layer so the yellow was really bright, as the black was still seen a bit with just one layer.

After this, I trimmed and glue the edges a bit. This isn’t necessary, just something I decided to do.

Next, cut two pieces of ribbon. Tie a knot in them in the dead center. Then make bows. I use the bunny ear method and it took some time…


First and final bows. After you get your ideal bow, take a dab of hot glue to the inside. I did this by pulling side the center part of the bow, and then once I put the glue on, placing it back where it belonged. Be careful - this could easily burn you.


Now it’s time to place the bows. Go find a mirror, and just place them where looks good on your head and is more like Haruhi for your head shape. Take a pen/marker (Sharpie bleeds a bit) and put a small dot where you want the bow… Then it’s time to glue!.

Place a dab of hot glue where your marker dot is on the headband and immediately place the bow (side you like the most facing out of course) and hold it there for about 15 seconds. This should allow it time to dry. Align the other one (make sure your dot isn’t off) then put the glue down and hold the bow for the other side. Let it dry, and complete! Voila, your own headband/set of bows just like Haruhi - and all pretty cheap too!