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Kitkatherine Got a Job - Hurray!

I am excited to inform everyone that I have accepted an offer for a co-op position. A co-op (short for cooperative education) is where companies team up with colleges to over students short term jobs (2 1/2 months, about the length of a quarter) and these jobs are to aid in your future career. My major is industrial design (basically designing 3D objects - think your cell phone, gym shoes, toys, notebooks, oh everything..). My offer came from Mead - the company that makes 5 Star notebooks, Trapper Keepers, and At A Glance planners. They have a few other brands as well. Probably, you have owned something by Mead more than once in your life. I am so excited to begin work. I enjoy school, but sometimes I feel kind of (really) wasteful, and I have been anticipating working for awhile. Just wanted to let you all know that I have been successful in my job search!
I did have to get a drug screening and they cut a chunk of my hair out :( You can’t see it but I can feel it and it’s been driving me crazy all day!

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    congratz!! *haha this is a little late :P*

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