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Hello Kitty x Designers

I love Hello Kitty things, especially when they are done well. I first fell in love with the Rebecca Minkoff brown leather bag (which I still love… it is SO tasteful).

The whole collection..

As you can see, the clutch is pretty adorable too, and I love the kitty fabric used to accent the brown leather in this small collection. As much as I loved this design collection, I think the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki collection really hits the spot with me. I love the bright colors and gold accents (they’d go perfectly with my cute new gold sandals - that were under 7 dollars !!). I am a hand bag lover (I’m a girl, isn’t this a given?) and I think these would maybe be even cooler than the it bags that you see everyone carrying. Simply because it is so… me. High fashion + Hello Kitty. I’m in love. Tokidoki, an Italian designer with a love for Japanese culture, has some other stuff up online at his online site. He designs really adorable things, but his Hello Kitty collection - !!!. Currently it’s not REALLY available in the states, but with eBay, we can get it!


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    I liked the Rebecca Minkoff brown leather bag too … but it’s a little pricey for me! (and too small to fit diapers, wipes, etc.!)

  2. Says:

    Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing that!

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