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Yagööt Yogurt

SO one thing that is really popular out in California are the delicious frozen yogurt places pinkberry and Ce Fiore. Of course pinkberry is only located in New York and California (if you are going to be hip, you’re going to be hip there) and Ce Fiore in California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Washington. Oh and Kentucky. But Bardstown Road in Louisville is REALLY hip and it totally fits in. I used to stop by when I visited my friends who went to UofL (University of Louisville.) And now, Cincinnati has it’s own : Yagööt. Yagööt (which is REALLY annoying to type because of the umlats…) is a delicious little place in the new shopping area in Norwood (a city within Cincinnati..) that is owned by a local bakery, Busken. Their ads claim it is the “original Tingly-Tart Yogurt” - which bothers me a bit since Ce Fiore and pinkberry DEFINTELY came first, but whatever. It’s still delicious, and tastes a bit different. It is a bit creamier (my boyfriend says that the others feel more like ice and are a bit more watered down) and it tastes less like yogurt - which I agree. I do love both Ce Fiore and yagööt, but I’d agree with the boy. It is different. And different is almost always good :)


You can see the design is similar to some of the Ce Fiores and pinkberries (google image search and you will see this pretty easily). But not many in Cincinnati are going to know that or care. I’m just SO happy we have one. And boy, is it delicious. They have about the same choices in toppings as the other two places, plus a coffee ice cream (which I was not willing to try - I hate coffee). I got an original w