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I got really far last night. I had leveled up to level 15. I finally bought a farm and was making tons of money.

But then I accidentally hit the delete character button. :’(

 all my hard work, all those hours invested, gone. so last night, i started doing all the quests over again. I had finished everything in Sanrio Harbor and decided it was time for bed.

 I log on today, and NONE OF MY PROGRESS WAS THERE. I HAD TO START OVER! AGAIN! I swear, I didn’t press the delete button this time. My character was already saved, my birthday and stuff was entered already. But all the quests I did last night were gone. So, I’m pretty mad right now. And I’m not really feeling like doing all of this for the THIRD FREAKING TIME.

but, I guess, I’ll just have to deal.


 I’m steadily advancing! I made a lot of progress since yesterday. I found a couple ways to make more money. I was finally able to buy a farm! I started growing watermelons and strawberries! It’s really fun. I also found that watermelon juice makes a lot of money. ;)

I took some screenshots for y’all to feast your eyes on. The World of Sanrio is really beautiful!

Until next time,


Screenshot with My Melody

Yesterday, I didn’t have work and a couple of my classes were cancelled, so I got to get in a lot of game time. Here are the highlights of my playing:

*I’m starting to understand RPG’s a little more, I’m still a n00b though. I’ve been trying to do quests, but they are hard and time consumming. The ones involving gathering items can be especially tediuous. It would be nice if the requirements for the quests went down  a little, so I could progess faster, but I can understand that the developers wouldn’t want to make the game too easy.

*I’m trying to save up to buy a farm, but they are so expensive! I’m having a hard time earning enough money to buy the land. :( I wish they would pay me more for gathering resources.

*I leveled up a couple of levels in all my skills! Yay! It takes a really long time to level up though. :(

(most of these things are just me being impatient. lol)

*There was a weird bug where after transporting from Fantasa Forest to Florapolis, I got stuck  in some flowers in the NW corner. Luckily, GM Bacon came to my rescue!

 So far I’m really enjoying the game. Although, it’s progressing a little slowly, and I’m worried that I won’t have enough time to devote to it (It’s finals week! eeep!).

Maybe later tonight I’ll post some screen shots.

<3 Juju

After a full day of classes and work yesterday, I finally got to play HKO for the first time last night! Here are some of my first impressions.

*It’s so colorful! I love it! The game is very visually appealing, especially for Sanrio fans.

*I started out a bit slow because I didn’t really know what to do, but I started going on missions, and soon I got the hang of it.

*The GM’s are all very nice and helpful.

*The wasps are cute, but also deadly. They scare the bejesus out of me.

I will wrap up my progress and concerns at the end of each night.



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