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Pls take a few secs 2 pray 4 China earthquake victims :_(

4th entry - I met the GMs and my guild

Today I realised that on Sanriotown you need to be able to do basic addition to comment on someone’s blog. :D

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Remember the time I got attacked by crabs? 

It’s time for revenge ;D

The starfish they see stars,
The crabs foam in the mouth,
Ripplecloud rules, little tiny creatures!!

Muahahahahaha…. hahaha….hahaha…. hahaha….hahaha…. hahaha….hahaha…. hahaha….hahaha….

no sweat

I’m such a bully :(. OK, to make up for it I will adopt a pet! A caterpillar! :D heh … Just need to whack enough scorpions to get one. 

But the scorpions… they are not so easy to deal with. GM - Dom kindly took me to scorpion land because I was lost. And it’s a good thing he went with me too because the scorpions are born aggros. They probably became so red because they fume at everything… relax scorpios relax… But no, I think the designer forgot to draw them ears, so scorpions don’t listen to reason. They just swarm all over you and start bugging you with their stings. :( And in no time, I was close to death again.

So it’s GM - Dom to the rescue! *superhero music smothers danger music in scorpion land*