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Hello world!

Welcome to Sanriotown Blog!

Welcome to Sanriotown Blogs, the best place for you to talk about your life, your hobbies or anything that interests you. A blog is an online Journal that lets you write down and post your experiences to let the whole world know. Aside from talking about your personal life, you can also discuss or write an essay about how the world ticks.

For more information please visit these following blogs:

Sanriotown Blog - The main Sanrio blog that has all the important news and events

Ishida’s FAQ Blog - Got a question about how the Blog works? Go visit Ishida’s blog

Rukia’s Blog Collection - Take a preview on what blog is hot or not. Go visit Rukia’s blog

For other services and details visit the following sites:

Dreamstudio - Upload, create and manage your own movies.

Sanrio Digital - Embrace the Digital Future of Sanrio.

Thank you for using this service! You can start blogging right away and you may delete this default entry if you want to. Happy blogging from Sanriotown!

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