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Ripplecloud has moved!

June 1st, 2008 by

sheepHi all, close beta has ended :( And I heard Open beta will not start untilend of July.

Meanwhile, I have migrated to this new address: and will stop updating at this URL.

 Thank you for dropping by so often ^^

8th entry - Panic attack! :S

May 20th, 2008 by

the joy of new jeansDear God (and Hello Kitty),

BlondeBlueEyes said a house is a big deal in Hello Kitty Online close beta, but I took what she said lightly. I repent.

I repent for not starting on my house, even though BBE asked me five times yesterday about my house. I repent.

I repent for being so vain and wasting time to work on my new jeans than to start on my house. I soooo repent….

Now I’ve got no house … …. :_( And there’s not enough time to build one because like everyone else life comes with other more serious responsibilities that take up the time.

…. *speechless* …

If you’re wondering what I’m whining and whinging about , well I got to get a house to qualify for this >> rewards for closed beta testers. :(

Alright, spirits up everyone!!!

It’s not the end of the world if we don’t get some freebies for open beta. (… ok, so it’s close). And we absolutely have the rights to try for it no matter how slim the hope.

Right! *Thumps chest vigorously* Let’s get working now.

Thanks everyone for visiting this blog so often! Please allow me the time to attempt to qualify for the rewards before CB ends in *sob* 3 (sorry wrong info here, yay 2 more days! :P) 5 more days!!!! :S Oh, the horror… :O

And if any kind soul has finished their house, perhaps you can lend a helping hand and some bulging muscles? Just a teeny weeny bit of bulging muscle will do. Every little wee bit counts!

And everyone else building a house - plutochan, BBE, Kaioh, Lelani - gambatte-ne~, aja aja fighting! (k, that’s my foreign vocabulary gleaned from watching idol dramas :P )

p/s: Apologies, I may not have the time to update for the next 3 days. Manual labour is calling me… like a siren… it’s… irresistable… …. Wish me luck at least… … *secretly wishing pets can become some gaurdian monsters, the type that can transform into giant robots to aid in the housebuilding… wish wish… as ripplecloud gets sucked into the virtual world of frantic housebuilding…*

7th entry - The day something happened to the GMs :S

May 19th, 2008 by

I;m in a guild again :)You can see my new guild’s name in the image. The irony? Except for the guild leader, nobody else is from Holland :P Heh… But it’s ok, I can pretend I am from Holland :D

“Hallo, hoe gaat het?”

It’s supposed to be “Hello, how are you?” in Dutch :D … I got it off here, if you want to have a rough idea of how it’s pronounced.

And thanks heaps everyone who left comments, I don’t think I will so hardworking to update as often if it wasn’t for you guys :P heehee… Have a great day, online or irl everyone! :D 


In the small world of 200 closed beta testers (and counting), it must be fate that keeps hkotest082 and I bumping into each other!

Unfortunately when she messaged me in-game yesterday, I was AFK… oops :P But fortunately, when I came back on, hkotest082 aka BBE (short for BlondeBlueEyes) was still online :D.. we talked for a while and in the end I ended up joining BBE and Ilse to build Ilse’s house.

But we didn’t keep at it for long because there was a party at Purin Cafe and we just had to be there :)

let's go to the Event

pandemonium party at purin cafe

party hosts

It was a rocking party, but as you can see most people were just sitting around. This won’t do! So the GMs suggested to play a game so that everyone will get off their bottoms and mingle around. They tried giving instructions for the game but it was confusing because everyone was talking at the same time! We were all over the place and couldn’t even see ourselves! :P

Then, it was time to start the game. Everyone couldn’t wait to get started.

startline, theletes on your mark!

Ok, except for the one that was sleeping ^^.

1,2,3 GO!

And we’re off! Mingle we did, players running all over the place like overpopulated rabbits :P It was a mess! It looked like everyone knew how to win the game but me!

The guild chat was furiously working.

BlondeBlueEyes had lots of great ideas where to go. So I followed her sage advice. *Gives BBE the honorary Yoda hat*

My virtual legs (strengthened from all that housebuilding workout earlier) went all over Hello Kitty land, even places I never went before…

GM - Eunice's houseLike GM - Eunice’s cute pink cupcake house. But the GM was not at home :(

And then…. I stumbled on a terrible secret! Shhhh……

It was a terrible… terrible thing… … :O

It happened at GM - Green’s house…

…An army of really scary scarecrows have invaded his garden!

Do I dare to enter his house?

GM - Green's house

black fish invader alert!

And when I went into the house, I found that a mysterious GM - Blackfish has taken over GM - Green’s house!

But, thank goodness! Someone (was it Cookie? I was so excited I wasn’t really paying attention :( sorry! ) managed to win the game in the nick of time and saved the GMs!

I won a hermit crab who hates me ><And because I had the help of so many nice people, I won something too! Special thanks to BlondeBlueEyes, Lelani and Made in Holland guild :) And congratz to Aredne who won too!

But the prize is not a caterpillar. I won a hermitcrab who hates me :(

Oh well, at least it will be good friends with my scorpion then. And it does match my hair colour. *bimbotic giggle*

P/s: The above is a work of fiction. Nothing bad has happened to the GMs. The GM has not beheaded Bad Badtz Maru. I repeat, the GM has not beheaded Bad Badtz Maru. GMs are nice people =)

6th entry - Where is Hello Kitty?

May 18th, 2008 by

love-hate relationship
Yes, the broom-wand has been replaced by something more glamorous. My new wand’s name is David :P


One day Ripplecloud was tending to her yummy juicy fruits in her fruit farm when she suddenly realised that she has been on Hello Kitty Online world for days but has yet to pay her respects to Hello Kitty herself.  fruitfarm

This is absolutely unforgivable!

So I went off to look for Hello Kitty. It should not be hard to locate someone as famous as Hello Kitty right?

Smart thing to do no. 1 - check with the neighbourhood cat Mellotunes!

mellotunes armadillo

Erm… Mellotunes is so cute, but nope it has no idea where Hello Kitty is. Neither did the neighbourhood armadillo… hmmm…

lala and beaconLala and this oddly dreamy pink elephant + squid + wings + glowing light creature she was playing with didn’t have a clue either.

Where has Hello Kitty gone?

I searched high and low…

whacked asked all the tiny creatures that moved…

until finally…

I found Hello Kitty…

indoors! :D

Hello Kitty in Florapolis

p/s: The pet bug (mentioned in the previous entry) is gone :D… see my cube-sheep in the pictures above? Heh… Am also progressing in the game; hope there will be no more rollbacks. *fingers crossed*

5th entry - I lost my guild and my sheep :(

May 16th, 2008 by

ripplecloud avatarAlright before I start on my tragic tale, I just want to say check out hkotest149’s farm! (ya all of us beta testers sound like lab rats or something). Love the images. So far I’ve only done the unimaginative on my farm - lined the perimeter of the farmland with young strawberry plants, that’s all. :P


Right so why did I lose my guild and my sheep? :(

all gone, sad at the harbour

Because something happened when I was away and when I logged into the game, I discovered that I no longer belong to a guild. At first, I thought I was kicked out of the guild :P but then I discovered my scorpion and my sheep are gone, and all the quests I did 2 days ago were not in the list of completed quests! Yes those of you who are beta testers already know, it was a rollback. :(

Goodbye PortPack, Jamz, Tanya, etc from Kawaii guild… Sayonara! I tried whispering PortPack but she was not online :S Sadz…

sticky mucus... sticky mucus... grrrr...What to do? Redo all those quests, that’s all one can do right?

So I went forth questing angrily…

starfish, crabs, scorpions…

whack!!! Whack!!!whack!!! Whack!!!whack!!! 

OK, so I was not as mad as the fiery creature above as I pretend to be. :P It’s all part and parcel of testing a game that is not ready to be shared with a larger group of people yet. So relax…

The GMs for the night were GM - RoAN and GM - Yama, who introduced themselves saying to tell them if anyone has any problems or are stuck somewhere and they will come to the rescue, and that reminded me of GM - Dom, haha!

GM - RoANGM - RoAN happened to ask me how my day was. I’m not too sure whether he regretted asking because, of course I started whining about how all my stuff, guild and quests are gone. “Gone! GM, they’re GONE!!! :_(

OK, so I didn’t really scream at him in caps, I apologise for the theatrics on this blog. :P

It was pretty quiet in Florapolis, with not many players around. This gave GM - RoAN the spare time to ask if anyone wanted to play mini-games and I volunteered. I was awfully bored with whacking tiny creatures that move by then.

If you have not tried out the mini games function in HKO, let me tell you the prize for the mini game winner must be worth an awful lot because the mini game is password-protected and placed under high security. :P Heh…

Anyway we didn’t have the opportunity to start a game because all of a sudden there was a whole lot of people who needed the tender loving care of GM - RoAN. GM - RoAN asked me to wait so I did. GM - RoAN was really nice to everyone and trying his best to help.

Consultation with GM - RoAN

It continued to be really busy for RoAN, so I started checking out other players’ blogs and guess what? One of the blogs belonged to hkotest082 who left a comment for me on my previous entry! I mean like, how coincidental is that??! :D

Of course, I had to leave a comment to tell hkotest082 about this strange coincidence! It was all too surreal! :D No high security password and addition sums can stop me!

In the end GM - RoAN was too busy to play the mini game so I went off on my own to catch up on my quests again.

reluctant ripplecloud with pet scorpion

But somehow or other I wasn’t given the pet quest no matter how many times I visited the NPC, although I got it the first time round before the rollback. Maybe the NPC didn’t like me :( but GM - RoAN said it could also be a bug. He offered to give me a sheep if the quest is really not working for me but what I really want is a caterpillar :P

So I went hunting for a new pet instead and ended up with 4 scorpions. No caterpillar :( And I didn’t even like scorpions that much! :P

Does anyone know how I can get a caterpillar?? Perhaps I’m only lovable to scorpions. :P

4th entry - I met the GMs and my guild

May 12th, 2008 by

Today I realised that on Sanriotown you need to be able to do basic addition to comment on someone’s blog. :D

spam protection



Remember the time I got attacked by crabs? 

It’s time for revenge ;D

The starfish they see stars,
The crabs foam in the mouth,
Ripplecloud rules, little tiny creatures!!

Muahahahahaha…. hahaha….hahaha…. hahaha….hahaha…. hahaha….hahaha…. hahaha….hahaha….

no sweat

I’m such a bully :(. OK, to make up for it I will adopt a pet! A caterpillar! :D heh … Just need to whack enough scorpions to get one. 

But the scorpions… they are not so easy to deal with. GM - Dom kindly took me to scorpion land because I was lost. And it’s a good thing he went with me too because the scorpions are born aggros. They probably became so red because they fume at everything… relax scorpios relax… But no, I think the designer forgot to draw them ears, so scorpions don’t listen to reason. They just swarm all over you and start bugging you with their stings. :( And in no time, I was close to death again.

So it’s GM - Dom to the rescue! *superhero music smothers danger music in scorpion land*

GM - Dom saves lousy HKO player

Yup, the GMs were a pretty nice bunch. So if you ever need help, you can try whispering to GM - Dom, GM - Eunice, GM - Winwin, and GM - Hak (I think it was Hak) to see if they are online to give you advice. Yup these are the few I saw around that day.

RC joins KawaiiAt scorpion land I also met PortPack, master of the Kawaii guild.

Overwhelmed by all the pink kawaii-ness she kept showing me, I bowed and pledged my allegiance to her guild.

Long-live PortPack!! I will be your blue sidekick mouse forever… :P

And to celebrate the occasion, Mimi (Sorry Mimmy! :( I am absolutely appalled that I spelt your name wrongly. ) Mimmy gave me new clothes :) So nice of her.

**Mimi and me in my new clothes**

3rd entry - Sunday afternoon on HKO beta

May 11th, 2008 by

ripplecloudBefore we start, I just wanna say that’s its really cool to get a nice comment from Havel in the previous entry. I tried leaving a Thank you comment on Havel’s blog but it didn’t appear. I couldn’t figure out if it couldn’t be submitted or if it was waiting to be moderated. Mabe I’ll try again later. Thanks Havel, appreciate your dropping by!


I spent a chatty afternoon around Sanrio Harbour today. Yes, I am still in newbie land… very slow I know. I was out the whole of yesterday, and had a buffet dinner with mommy to celebrate Mother’s Day. All that buffet food must have added pounds to me so my avatar and I did a lot of exercises today - we chopped trees that looked like snails, jumping man-eater-looking flowers and we gathered flower stuff along the coast.

All the time we enjoyed the chatter that was going on with Ygg… (the “Yoda” who knows everything and was kind enough to stand there and answer questions from us newbies), Milchst… (sounds German but in Hong Kong), Cathy (who disappeared suddenly), Kai Lee (who taught me how to equip my broken wand) and others.

broken wand or broom?Oh by the way, my broken wand actually looks more like a broom. But when I hover my cursor over it in the inventory window,  it tells me its a “broken wand”. Maybe it just can’t get over being a broom, I don’t know. Mabe that’s why its broken.

Regardless once I equipped my broom/broken wand, my health points went up to 130 :D, and its time to try attacking, I mean enchanting something with my new broken wand. *tink* 

starfish seeing stars

All around, the starfish started seeing stars. They must have admired the rotating decoration alot because they all started standing really still.

Perhaps I overdid the mass starfish concussion exercise, because unexpectedly the game hanged :(

You know that blog article about Hello Kitty Online being too violent? It’s a joke, because in HKO when anything gets whacked they just see stars and stand still minding their own business for a while.

So maybe I really shouldn’t be so joyful about whacking all the starfish because I am being punished for it now. When I tried logging in again after it hanged, I discovered … :_(

no server on the screen!

I’ve emailed the game administrator, so hopefully they can help persude the server to come back. I’ll update again when there are new developments.

Meanwhile, check out the game’s online tutorial videos at I found the chatting tutorial particularly useful, and was embarrassed to learn that I had been broadcasting to the whole server this afternoon, when I should really be chatting to players on the map. :P

2nd entry

May 9th, 2008 by

What can I say?…

My Hello Kitty beta disc came in the mail while I was on vacation. So its lucky for me the beta period was extended, otherwise I won’t get to test it, after all that effort of making the video too!! :P Phew… One of the more interesting features is the social aspect of the game where players can actually view your blog in the game. So I thought I’d start a blog in case somebody actually would like to read it.

harinezumiThe only problem was since everyone started earlier than me, there was no one at the harbour when I got there :( … so I was all, all alone. *So much about people wanting to read my blog :P* So I talked to the NPCs. My favourite is currently Harinezumi, because we both have pokey blue spikes haha. 

Harinezumi says he’s blue from the cold because of the strong sea breeze and needed some clothes to keep warm, so I said I’d go to the shops to buy some for him… OK, just kidding I made that last bit up about him needing clothes :P He’s a cute porcupine anyways.

For a while there, I was doing most things wrong. I couldn’t get the quests to start because I kept clicking the “X” button once the character ends his speech instead of clicking the “->” to go on so that the mission window will appear :P Is it just me??

Then I got bored all by myself and thought… let’s try fighting the crabs ;D. Only it seems more like the crab beating me up than me fighting the crabs - -. I ran away of course, escaping with barely 16/100 healthpoints hee hee :P Now that I think of it, I wonder what would happen if I had died…

16 healthpoints out of 100 omg!

But yeah, I figured out how to activate the quests after I went to Florapolis. So now I am back at Sanrio Harbour trying to complete the quests there since I am supposed to be doing testing :D and also making some $$ to buy me some better clothes…

Some of the scenes I like from Sanrio Harbour:

Hello Kitty Lake or Pond, I dunno…
Check out Hello Kitty Lake onthe map!

Rooted-to-the-ground jumping flowers!
Jumping flowers that are rooted to the ground

Meantime, let me get back to the game… you have a good time too… oh and if you don’t mind me, add me! My ingame nick is ripplecloud … Looking for ingame friends… :D

Closed beta audition video

May 9th, 2008 by

Here it is, the video that started it all … :P

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May 9th, 2008 by

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