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Scared of Pink?

so I posted this on MMORPG, the discussion is amusing so I wanted to share it with everyone.


It’s only been a few days since I started my little pink invasion into this land of dreary dark world of monsters and muscle men (and girls with may-as-well have no clothes on) and it’s been fun and interesting and I will say this.

Those of you who embrace pink and accept it as a possibility, you’re great, you’re real men (if you are a man that is, or boy or whatever) and you aren’t afraid to explore and it shows you’re sensitive too. You don’t have to love pink, but you have an open mind, you’ll go far! You’re not afraid!

But there are some really interesting comments you can read in my photos and other blog comments like:

It’s Ghey… (hey, learn to spell)

Go back to the Ghetto snoop dog (what does snoop dog have to do with any of this, and besides, he’s a guy and was that meant to be a racist comment? maybe you’re confused or something)

and other comments like this that are lacking in etiquette. I am more amused, I especially liked the forum post talking about manliness and those who are ok with this game are more open-minded etc.

But all of this led me to think about something else and that is …

are you afraid of pink?

This Pink

or That Pink?

hmmmm I wonder, are men actually scared of pink, does it threaten them and is that why they need to hurl insults? Isn’t that a bit like all bark but no bite? Why can girls wear all colors and men don’t dare touch pink? Never heard of a girl who won’t wear black, blue or whatever color you call macho, so why don’t you like pink?

Btw here is more pink for you all!

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  • Ascension08- Fri Jul 11 2008 10:28AM
    • Lol there’s no real macho colors, ‘cept maybe blood red.

  • Jumper2k- Fri Jul 11 2008 10:29AM
    • Honestly pink just isn’t a cool looking color. Same with pastels in general. Sometimes in some designs you can put pink on a black shirt and it can look pretty cool. Purple and black looks better though.

  • Hrothmund- Fri Jul 11 2008 11:05AM
    • Ascension - Macho color: beer gold.

      In terms of pink, it is a color that I will never use personally as the base for anything. However minor detailing in pink can sometimes look pretty cool. The only really attractive pink object I can think of a is a light pink rose.

      Liking or disliking a color has nothing to do with how much of a real man someone is. I don\t like the color yellow, does that make me insecure? Hell no.

      I may even daunt a pink tie sometimes at work, but thats about as much pink I can wear without looking like a clown.

  • ripplecloud- Fri Jul 11 2008 12:04PM
    • Just on the ride home today, my friend’s fiance told us about the pink tie his mother bought for their wedding solemnisation tomorrow… and all three of us were like "OMG, who wears a pink tie??!!"

      But at that moment he was also wearing a pink-and-white striped polo-tee and we were totally cool. What’s wrong with a pink shirt? Nothing, I see plenty of cool dudes wearing pink shirts (polo or work shirts) on the train everyday (it’s trendy here currently) and they look great!

      The issue is not the colour, but the attitude of the culture and the society one is living in. And unfortunately in this particular online space, the attitude is frankly and oft’times uglily (I mean "uncouth and disparagingly") negative.

  • mklinic- Fri Jul 11 2008 12:27PM
    • the ’snoop dogg’ comment under the screenshot appears more aimed at the comment preceeding it (by Soulbutcher) then you or the screenshot posted.

  • Ascension08- Fri Jul 11 2008 12:52PM
    • Ahh Hroth, good point! Nothing’s wrong with pink, I don’t like or dislike it, lots of girls are hot in pink. But me wearing it? Eh, if I had a choice I’d pass. As ripple said, maybe a polo shirt, but polo shirts are good since they come in a lot of colors.

  • streea- Fri Jul 11 2008 1:40PM
    • I’m a girl and I don’t care for pink. Pink hurts my eyes *had to scroll down to avoid the picture* It’s just a bit too bright. Redder pinks are okay though.

      There’s always been this coorelation between girls = pink and boys = blue. And it’s tough on people, men especially, who must keep up an "image" around other guys. Of course, I personally think most guys would look really good in a pink tie or a little touch of pink…

  • georgebing- Fri Jul 11 2008 4:44PM
    • Lol, this is one of the more amusing columns! Keep up the good work.

      Yes, girls are hot in pink, I’m not sure I would consider men Hot in pink, but then again, would girls think men in pink be hot? If that is so, I think many can be persuaded. We have been known to do far more

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