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The Red Stone Deity Rewards…”Hikari no Yaiba”

September 30th, 2008 by hkotest061:hellokitty.com

Well done Kyorosuke! Those maidens inspired me to craft a very powerful katana!

With this my friends, your enemies are no match for you.  May the light guide your path always.

*Tadakatsu hands the Hikari no Yaiba (Blade of the Light) to Kyorosuke*

“Hikari no Yaiba” (Blade of the Light)

+30 to strength

+75% attack speed
+20% light damage

Immune to dark magics

Go my friends, make haste and seek the aid of the other deities…Before it is too late…

After saying his final words, the Red Deity disappeared leaving behind the “Flame Crystal” inside his home.

Returning home - Unexpected visitors

September 28th, 2008 by hkotest061:hellokitty.com

(Upon returning home from a long journey, never have I expected to see frogs standing in front of my home…)

“Yo! I’m Tadakatsu! Is there anything you need? EHHH!!!!?? Someone’s been kidnappened?!” a girl named Mimmy?

[After being told of what happened, I searched her using the “Flame Crystal,” proof of being the red deity…]

“Found her! Let’s go, my frog friends! She’s not far away!”

[After catching up with the ones who kidnapped Mimmy, Tadakatsu immediately sensed a dark force surrounding the evil kidnappers.  But even so, they are no match for the invinsible strength of the legendary samurai…”]

“Miracle arts no. 1! 500 slashes!”

[After the enemies have been slain, Mimmy was saved and they all returned to the Samurai’s hideout. Keroppi then explained to Tadakatsu the reason of their visit]

Hmm…That curse seems to be the work of an evil wizard…I can help you forge a sword so great it can cut through anything! Yes…even through a wizard’s dark magic.  But it seems like you need to help me first before I can help you.

You see, my swords are forged depending on my inspiration.  My legendary katana “Kaze Tora no Densetsu” was forged with the help of “Maki Horikita,” a beautiful maiden known to have a very strong affinity towards the wind.

What I need you to do is to find 5 beautiful maidens for me to be able to forge you a sword.  Since we’re dealing with a dark force here, I suggest you go and find maidens who have strong affinity towards the light.  Good luck my friends.  May the deities protect you…

Tadakatsu’s Mischief - The samurai lives!

May 27th, 2008 by hkotest061:hellokitty.com

As the last poison powder was delivered to the poisoned samurai, Kuririn made the antidote with great haste and immediately let Tadakatsu drink it. It was almost too late for the samurai’s survival, but the efforts of the 10 valiant heroes who helped rescue him were not in vain! The antidote worked like a miracle and Tadakatsu was back on his feet once again!

Word reached Tokugawa Ieyasu about the bravery of these 10 mighty heroes and rewarded them with 100,000 gold each. Here are the valiant heroes to whom Tokugawa and Tadakatsu are forever grateful of:

1. Kacciro
2. brendakins
3. Hanilu
4. kaioh75
5. Raein
6. Riona
7. Love
8. Sailoria
9. May

Also, thanks very much to the Pikachu guild who played the role of merchants in this game:

1. Akio-kun - who was swarmed with PMs after the players found out he was the first merchant. Cheers man! You handled your job so well I’m happy I made the correct choice in choosing you to be the first merchant. *high five!* XD

2. Bella - who did her job very well during the game and helping us iron things out before it starts. Thanks so much girl! :)

3. Flowerfall - who made those lovely clues to the merchants’ whereabouts. Thanks so much for superbly assisting the team when it comes to correcting the script. :)

4. Tom - The guildmaster of Pikachu guild who always helped anyone in need within the whole duration of the CB. Ask any players and they know who Tom is. XD Thanks for helping us out on this one man. XD

5. Katie - an excellent assistant ready to assist you anytime with anything and even gives wonderful suggestions in improving the game flow. Thanks so much girl! XD

Also, my thanks go to the ninjas who participated in the game, GM - Bacon and GM - Abby. Without their mad skillz in spotting the player agents, the game wouldn’t be that fun. Thanks guys! :)

With that, I can safely say that the event went well. Thanks again to everyone who participated. This wouldn’t have been a success without your fine participation. Cheers everyone! XD

GM Event - Tadakatsu’s mischief

May 27th, 2008 by hkotest061:hellokitty.com

Tadakatsu, The loyal samurai vassal of Ieyasu Tokugawa, has been poisoned while on a delivery mission! Fleeing from his pursuers, he stumbled upon Florapolis, a peaceful place where the citizens of Sanrio land lives. 

Using the last of his strength, he dropped down in the front door of Kuririn’s cafe, where Kuririn immediately gave him first aid upon seeing the injured samurai.  However Kuririn needs more ingredients for the antidote he needs to make for Tadakatsu…

Kuririn: Oh my…these ingredients are not enough! Hang on, Tadakatsu! I just need to buy 10 poison powders!

But when Kuririn went out to buy all the ingredients, he saw ninjas swarming Florapolis!!! Tadakatsu can fend them all off but is injured.  Help him get back on his feet and save Florapolis!


This is where you come in, my friend.  I need you to get me 1 poison powder and deliver it to me.  Be careful though! If a ninja spots you and shouts in town, “(player’s name), you’re Tadakatsu’s agent!” you’re out of the game. You’ll be spotted if you transact with merchants using the local chat so make sure you transact with them in private chat.  You can also be spotted by Ninjas if you don’t tell the merchants the correct secret message.  If you’re one of the first 10 who will successfully deliver the ingredient to Tadakatsu, you’ll be rewarded.

However, poison powders are not easy to find. You need to go through 4 merchants who will tell you riddles before they tell you the merchant’s name (5th merchant) who’s selling the poison powders.

Here’s how the game should go:

Go to merchant 1 -> tell them the secret message –> answer the riddle –> ask merchant 1 for the secret message needed to locate merchant 2 –> repeat until you reach merchant 5 –> answer merchant 5’s riddle –> get poison powder –> deliver to Tadakatsu

Good luck.  As a start, here’s a clue to find Merchant 1.   “Merchant 1 is at the tower that lights travelers’ ways.”  PM the merchant “Orange” to give you access to the riddle.


GM – Tadakatsu’s special event! Be a Dauntless Detective!

May 25th, 2008 by hkotest061:hellokitty.com

Hello Kitty, Dauntless Detective! – Who stole the treasure?!

It was the Japanese-American friendship day. The Japanese representatives chose the American Museum of National History as the place to do their program. The Japanese carried with them some of their national treasures and displayed it in museum, covered in expensive silk fabrics, till it’s ready for viewing. But the night before the day the national treasures are ready for viewing, one of the treasures were stolen. It was the samurai sword “Masamune.”

After the investigation, the police asserted that they have 9 suspects for the case. The police came to this conclusion of having 9 suspects because of the curator’s statements. According the curator, the Masamune was still at the glass display at around 8:00 p.m. and it was at 9:00 p.m. where she realized that the Masamune was missing. There were almost no people inside the museum that time at night (8-9 p.m.) but these 9 people, so it was quite safe to conclude that it must be one of them. But of course, the curator said that it could also be her so she was open for investigative questions. Surprisingly, all the suspected people are students coming from the same school belonging to the same class. The students are Tom, Flowerfall, Akio-kun, Dredwin, Calealen, Tadakatsu, Bucket, Katie, and Violet Yoshi. Here are their statements. Listen to them well, detective:

Tom: I was at the museum researching something for my project. I was there till that time because I was waiting for my parents to fetch me. I stood near the glass cases from time to time to entertain myself while waiting for them. Besides, what would I do with the sword? It was probably Tadakatsu who’s interested in the samurai culture so much.

Flowerfall: I was at the museum studying relics for our final exams in History. I was there till that time because I had to finish my notes that night or else I wouldn’t finish them in time. After I finished my notes, I waited for Tom’s parents to arrive to give me a lift because we’re neighbors. You can ask Tom and his parents if I carried something with me when we left the museum aside from my notes. Oh and yeah, it’s true Tadakatsu is very interested in the Samurai culture so….

Akio-kun: I was at the museum doing the same thing as Flowerfall. I had to do my research that’s why I was still there till 9. Actually, I haven’t heard any noise, saw signs, nor any suspicious characters at that time. I dunno if it’s because I was just so busy studying. It’s true that Tadakatsu is like the last living samurai but I don’t think he’d do something like that. If you’re gonna ask me who was suspicious, well, VioletYoshi was at the museum alone, which was unusual because she usually travels with her friends Panda and Spooky.

Dredwin: I was with Calealen and Tadakatsu all the time. We we’re also studying for the History finals. We 3 took constant breaks at the museum’s cafe and when it closed, we just studied at the tables near the curator. If you’re gonna ask me if there was something odd with Tadakatsu, well, he was going to the comfort room very often that night, which is very unusual for him. But yeah, as Akio-kun said, I don’t think he’d do something like that. If there was anyone who was suspicious, well, Bucket came in to our study group very late at that time. He was with us all day, but left us at around 6:30 p.m., saying he just needs to do something. He returned to us at 8:30 p.m.

Calealen: As Dredwin said, we we’re just studying for the exams so that explains why we were there till that time. Any suspicious characters? hmm…well, Katie was there busy doing some kind of an artwork with a Manila paper, crayons and glue. Why wasn’t she researching for History anyway?

Tadakatsu: Okay. I admit I am very interested in the Samurai culture but I am no thief. I was taking constant breaks that time because it was very cold and I need to urinate. Simple as that. I’m not like that when it’s not cold, only in times when it’s cold. If there was someone suspicious it’s the curator. Why, she has the access to whole museum and knows every hole inside. Besides, how can I even leave the place without passing those sensors at the door? If I go out with the sword it would trigger the alarm. But it didn’t. My friends and I exited the museum together at the door. Ask the night guard there outside the museum if you want.

Bucket: I arrived late with my study group because I had an appointment with my friend that time. We were eating at a restaurant and had a lot of fun, not noticing the time. He was a friend since high school so we had a lot of catching up to do. I only arrived in the museum at 8:30 p.m. and was out most of the evening so how can I steal the sword? It was really probably Tadakatsu. He is so into Samurai, Japan, anime, you name it.

Katie: The reason why I was with art materials that time was because I had to do an oral report for our History class before the final exams. I was trying to make my report as creative as possible. It’s not true that I wasn’t researching for it. I already did my research on the museum the night before yesterday. The reason why I returned to the museum even if I already finished researching was to copy some of the drawings needed in my report. Besides, why would I be interested in an old, reddish sword? I’m not even interested in the Japanese culture. I’m into western.

Violet Yoshi: The reason why I was alone that time is because Panda and Spooky had to go home early for personal matters, which leaves me no choice but to research alone. I was at the tables near the Masamune because it was cold near the area and it was my ideal place for resting. If you ask me, Tom was really suspicious that night. He had big bags with her that night and a car to fetch him. The 8 of us, excluding Tom, don’t have cars to fetch us so I think Tom is the suspicious one. He had the tools and a getaway car.

Who stole the treasure? Please don’t post your answers publicly. PM me in game with your answer or if I’m not online, PM GM - Calealen. If both of us are not online, drop us an e-mail. Your answer should contain the culprit and your reason why he/she’s the culprit for you. Oh and please disregard the curator. Consider it a fact that it’s not her. The first three to email me wins and gets a SPECIAL PRIZE: 50,000 cash, a red umbrella, and a special attire not available in the shop NPCs yet! Winners will be announced via this post and via in game. There’s no time limit for this game, as long as there are no winners yet.


Congratulations to the winners!

1. AngelSkye

2. Sierra

3. Katie herself. Oh the irony! XD

ANSWER: Katie stole the treasure.  She knew that the Masamune was an old, reddish sword even if the Masamune was not yet ready for viewing, covered in silk fabrics.

Why a hardcore gamer like me plays HKO

April 22nd, 2008 by hkotest061:hellokitty.com

Assasin’s creed, Resident Evil 5, Onimusha, and Metal Gear Solid are just some of the titles I play.  Online, I participate in pvps and team battles as if they’re already part of my system.  I’m a hardcore action and rpg gamer but why do I play HKO?

It’s simple really.

Because there are a lot of features in HKO that aren’t in most MMORPGs.   Besides, being in the game takes me away from all those serious gaming if I wanted to relax a bit.  It’s a sanctuary for serious players like me.

Hello, I’m GM - Tadakatsu, a guy who has dedicated part of his life into gaming.   Hope to see you in the game! :)

Hello world!

March 25th, 2008 by hkotest061:hellokitty.com

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