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Designer Depot (Hat Version)

Ever wanted to leave your mark on a persistent game world? You walk around the game world and say “Hey, I did that!” Now is your chance! Now, now… this event is for the guilds. So, if you’re not in one, band up with a couple of guildless adventure because this sure is worth it!

You have less than 24 hours to come up with ideas for a design for your own guild hat! Awesome huh? The costs for each shirt will depend on the number of colors of your design. Here are the mechanics:

  1. Fabric: 400 gold
  2. Base shirt color: 250 gold
  3. Additional colors: If you want to add more colors, the cost goes up exponentially:
    • 1st color: 500 gold
    • 2nd color: 1000 gold
    • 3rd color: 2000 gold
    • 4th color: 4000 gold
    • … You get the idea
  4. Design: 750 gold (if you’re going for a more elaborate design)
  5. Labor Cost: 150 gold
  6. Vat: 10%

This cost is per hat. If your guild has 200 players, and all of them wants a hat, they have to pony up the money

It can get pretty complicated so here’s a scenario for you guys:

Let’s say “The Tour Bus” guild, which has 10 members, wants to make a hat shirt with a flaming school bus on it, the price breakdown would be:

  1. Fabric: 400 gold
  2. Base shirt color: 250 gold (Red)
  3. 3 additional colors: 500 + 1,000 + 2,000 = 3,500 gold (Orange, Yellow and Black)
  4. Design: 750 gold (since we’re using a silkscreen to actually put a design on the shirt)
  5. Labor Cost: 150 gold
  6. Gross Cost: 5,050 gold
  7. VAT: 505 gold
  8. Cost per shirt: 5,555 gold
  9. Total cost for the guild: 5,555 x 10 = 55,550

Here’s a simpler scenario wherein you don’t use a design:

  1. Fabric: 400 gold
  2. Base shirt color: 250 gold (Blue)
  3. 2 additional colors: 500 + 1000 = 1,500 gold (Black, White)
  4. Labor Cost: 150 gold
  5. Gross Cost: