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Alright, guys! We have another event you could sink your teeth into. As you may know, HKO just doesn’t just revolve around the game, but it also involves Sanriotown.com which is chocful of neat features that encourage User-Created Content. For this event, we will make use of Sanriotown.com’s Dream Studio. Frightspinners will require players to make a short video using screenshots taken in-game.


Theme: Basically, we want you to impress both the GMs and fellow players with a tale full of wit, pizazz and wonder but most of all, it must be a horror story that will twist our imagination like a really scary pretzel.


  1. Use the tools found in Dream Studio to make the best video you can make using ONLY screenshots taken in-game. No 3rd party tools.
  2. Players can only send in 1 video so make sure it’s your best work.
  3. The video tag must ONLY be HKOEVENT.
  4. Be sure to write your in-game name in the “About this video” part, along with whatever you want to put in. :)
  5. Start the name of the video with HKOEvent:
  6. Video length doesn’t matter. Let your creative juices flow.
  7. The GMs will choose the best 10 and will be posted on the HKOEvent blog.
  8. Players will have to vote for the top 3.