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HKO Trash Busters: Celebrate Earth Day 2010!

April 20th, 2010 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

Join Hello Kitty and her friends in a special Earth Day event on April 22 to April 26, 2010! Earth Day promotes awareness about what we can do to take care of our planet. As the world celebrates Earth Day, there’s trouble in Hello Kitty Online – trouble of a messy kind! Who will save the day?

Celebrate Earth Day 2010!

The Sanrio characters need your help to clean things up and make Earth Day special, so read on to find out more!

The Litterbug

A naughty Litterbug is roaming near Florapolis, dropping piles of litter along its trail. It’s up to you to clean up after it, so gather up the litter from these piles until they’re all gone. You can find the Litterbug walking back and forth between Florapolis, East Florapolis Valley, and South Dream Forest. Form a group with your friends to try to stop the Litterbug in its tracks, and you might be able to take all the litter away from this mischievous bug.

Be sure to keep all the litter you gather! You can give litter to Badtz-Maru for recycling, or give it to KeroKero Keroppi in exchange for cool rewards. The more litter you have, the better your rewards!

Earth Day quests

KeroKero Keroppi, Badtz-Maru and Cinnamoroll are spreading the word about Earth Day. You can find all of them in Sanrio Harbour. Each day they will offer a new set of quests, so check with them and see how you can contribute - they will reward your efforts generously!

The Secret Farm and the XT-Greenifier

The big challenge during Earth Day is hidden in a secret area tucked away in the woods of Sanrio Harbour. The secret area can only be accessed through an entrance beside Badtz-Maru (only available for the duration of this event). The entrance leads to a farm that used to be lovely and full of rare plants, with a greenhouse once renowned for its colorful flowers. Sadly, the entire farm is now covered in trash, and the monsters inside are preventing anyone from cleaning it up.

Badtz-Maru is leading the campaign to restore the farm to its original beauty, and he’s using a special machine called the XT-Greenifier. It needs special items to run, so here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Talk to Badtz-Maru and check the list of items that he needs for the XT-Greenifier. Each item is assigned a certain number of contribution points (item value).
  2. Gather as many of the items as you can, but try to focus your efforts on items that are worth more points. The item values change every day based on contributions from the previous day.
  3. Give the items to Badtz-Maru, and encourage all your friends to do the same.

When enough items have been submitted, the farm will become noticeably cleaner and a surprise will await players in Sanrio Harbour. The more items you give, the faster the XT-Greenifier can finish the job, so hurry before the path to the farm disappears at the end of April 26, 2010!

It will take quite some effort to see this farm cleaned up. Once the farm and greenhouse have been restored, special plants will appear inside. These rare plants yield special seeds that are only available through this event - it just goes to show that if we take care of our environment, it will take care of us too!

We hope you enjoy celebrating Earth Day with us. Good luck and have fun!

HKO Arcade Superstars winners announced!

April 20th, 2010 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

The winners of our recent minigame competition HKO Arcade Superstars have just been announced! During the event, players flocked around the Minigame Managers for seven days, competing for the high scores in our 30 new minigames.

The spotlight is now on those who’ve earned the top 3 scores for each minigame. So click on a link below to see the list of Arcade Superstars in each region!

North America
Singapore and Malaysia

Check the announcements for details regarding prizes and rewards.

Congratulations to our Arcade Superstars! This definitely won’t be out last minigame event, so keep practicing and stay tuned for our next event!

Food for Friends 2 top guilds announced!

February 23rd, 2010 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

To show our appreciation to everyone who participated in Food for Friends 2, we are happy to announce the top 6 contributing guilds per region. You will find the appropriate list of winners in the relevant publisher websites. Click on one of the following to see the list of winners in that region:

North America
Singapore & Malaysia

The winners listed will receive special Loyalty Point prizes based on their standings. But remember, each player who participated is already a winner, because on top of the prizes winners receive, those who took part in Food for Friends 2 will receive Loyalty Points equal to their guild’s total donation points divided by the number of guild members who took part in the event.

Items created and donated in Food For Friends 2 were used to calculate a donation to Doctors Without Borders to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. For more details please click here. Congratulations to all participating guilds, and we hope you enjoyed Food for Friends 2!

The Hello Kitty Online team

Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise (Feb 11-16, 2010)

February 8th, 2010 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

Celebrate love and friendship with Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise, the new event brought to you by Hello Kitty Online! This special event runs February 11-16, 2010, and brings exciting additions to the game!

Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

Special Valentine’s quests

The Love Bug has come to town for a visit, and he’s doing what he does best: spreading warm, fuzzy feelings to celebrate the month of love and friendship. He’s preparing a bunch of gifts, but he needs a little help from you to finish. Visit the Love Bug in Florapolis and see how you can lend him a hand!

A familiar guest is in town for the festivities: Cupid! The messenger of love is looking for groups of people willing to help him. In order to help Cupid you will need to work together with other players in our brand new Grouping system! So form a group and go talk to Cupid in Sanrio Harbour!

The quests from Cupid and the Love Bug will only be available until the end of February 15, 2010, so be sure to finish all your quests by then!

New feature: Group system

From February 11, 2010 onwards you and your friends will be able to group together and take on special challenges that are only available through the new Group system. Being in a group will allow you to access Cupid’s special quest chain. It will also make your adventures more exciting! Note: you must be in a group to start Cupid’s quests!

More details on the Group system coming soon, so stay tuned!

Return of the Dream Room tutorials

The Valentine’s update sees the return of the Dream Room, the special tutorial stage for new players. New players will find themselves in a four-room zone where friendly Sanrio characters will show them the basics of HKO.

Limited-edition items

This event introduces many cute new items for your character. Simply collect Happy Hearts and exchange them for the cool new items at any Party Master NPC located in all major cities. You get Happy Hearts by completing Valentine’s day event quests, or by playing the Emote Game (play by talking to the Party Master NPC in any major city). If you have leftover Birthday Tokens and Candy Cane Shards from previous HKO events, you can turn them into Happy Hearts simply by right-clicking on them!

The main Valentine’s event – February 15, 2010

Gather around Sanrio Harbour on February 15, 2010 and wait for the Game Master’s signal to participate in another massive cooperation game, where special treats are in store for all players! Don’t miss the big party!

Love is in the air this February, so come celebrate Valentine’s Day with Hello Kitty and fans! We hope you enjoy Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Hello Kitty’s Holiday Capers & Celebrations: The Main Event

December 23rd, 2009 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

Santa’s work was going smoothly and Mr. Jinch was having fun with all his pranks, but suddenly there was an unexpected turn of events in Hello Kitty Online!

HumbugHumbug, Mr. Jinch’s pet Beetil, has decided to cause some trouble of his own. The little bug has taken over the holidays by running across all the cities and stealing gifts and treats from everyone – including Santa and Mr. Jinch! These goodies were meant to be given to all adventurers, so go take them back to save the Holidays!

Where are they?

Humbug played around with Mr. Jinch’s secret stash of magic dust, and used it to steal Giant Gift Boxes, which are hidden and scattered in different maps. There’s only one way to make the Giant Gift Boxes reappear: gather together at the right time and place!

How do we get The Gift Boxes back?

Wait for the GM announcement on December 23, 2009 and head to Sanrio Harbour to help recover the Gift Boxes snatched by Humbug. You will all need to work together, regardless of  whether you’ve been helping Santa or Mr. Jinch!

Once enough of you gather at the right spot, Giant Gift Boxes will appear around the whole map. Scramble to find them, open them, and get the treats inside! Once you’re done with this, head off to the next location to reveal the next set of Giant Gift Boxes, and keep doing this until you’ve retrieved all the missing items. Follow the GM’s lead, and you’re sure to figure it out!

Remember, everyone must participate in order to reverse the magic – so as soon as you hear the GM announcement, rush to Sanrio Harbour without delay! Good luck adventurer!

Hello Kitty’s “Holiday Capers & Celebrations” December 18-28!

December 17th, 2009 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

‘Tis the season for celebrations! The streets of Hello Kitty Online are adorned with festive decorations, the holiday spirit is in the air, and everyone is busy preparing for the big day. From December 18 to December 28, 2009, players of Hello Kitty Online from all over the world can get together with their friends to enjoy a very special in-game event celebrating the holiday season!

Hello Kitty’s Holiday Capers & Celebrations

Are you ready? It’s time for Hello Kitty’s Holiday Capers & Celebrations!

Special holiday quests – which side will you choose?
Who better to spread the holiday cheer than Santa himself? With the big celebration fast approaching, Santa can use all the help he can get, so visit him at Sanrio Harbour and lend him a hand. Even though the warm fuzzy feeling of assisting Santa is reward in itself, he will also give you something for helping him!

While Santa and his helpers are busy, someone is stirring up trouble! He goes by the name of Mr. Jinch, and he’s looking for people willing to help him pull off his pranks. If you’re feeling a little mischievous, find Mr. Jinch in Sanrio Harbour to see if you have what it takes to be a trickster just like him!

New quests for both sides will be released on a daily basis, and you must choose to help either Santa or Mr. Jinch, but not both. Once you have chosen your side there’s no turning back, so choose wisely!

Limited-edition items
The Party Master is back in town, and he’s got special new items for your avatars! Collect Candy Cane Shards by completing holiday quests, or win them by playing the Emote Game! The Party Master will take your Candy Cane Shards and give you cool limited-edition avatar items. The items can be obtained only during this event, so collect as many of them as you can before Hello Kitty’s Holiday Capers & Celebrations ends on December 28!

Food for Friends 2 – support a good cause by playing HKO!
This season is all about giving, so we are bringing back the highly popular in-game charity event “Food for Friends”. Food for Friends 2 is a fun guild-based contest that lets you contribute to a charity by playing HKO! Not only can you help raise money for a good cause, but you can also win fabulous rewards! Details about this special charity event will be posted on the Food for Friends 2 event page soon, so watch that space in the next few days to learn how you can participate!

Update: Due to the Holiday rush, Food for Friends 2 will be held after our Holiday event to allow players to focus on the other activities lined up for Hello Kitty’s Holiday Capers & Celebrations during December. It’s going to be a busy 10 days and we don’t want you to miss out on anything, so we are giving you more time to spend on completing the Christmas quests, collecting the special items, and celebrating with your friends before we all work together for the charity event. Keep watching the Food for Friends 2 events page for more updates!

The Main Event – December 23, 2009
On December 23, 2009, gather in Sanrio Harbour for this holiday’s main event, where more games and treats are in store for all players. The details are still top secret, but this is one party you don’t want to miss! This event is going to be the highlight of Hello Kitty’s Holiday Capers & Celebrations!

We hope you enjoy HKO’s holiday event, and we look forward to making this December truly special and fun! See you there!

(Updated December 23, 2009 to reflect changes with the charity event “Food for Friends 2”)

SEA-HKO Players Take a Night Tour With The Tour Bus

November 6th, 2009 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

Last Wednesday, November 4, 2009, all of the new players of Hello Kitty Online were invited to join the Tour Bus Guild for an exclusive tour of Sanrio Harbour and Florapolis.

Once everyone was inside the guild, GM-Azrael broke the news that his friend GM-Galatea has gone missing.  He implored for their help to track her down. As soon as he yelled the name of the last player she was seen with, the hunt for the missing GM was on!

The lost GM-Galatea

Players rushed to the General Goods Merchant where the first out of six witnesses of the lost GM stood. They were asked to read and solve the clues, posted in the in-game blog feature, which will point to the location of the next witness.

Witness at the General Goods Merchant

The journey from one place to the other was the highlight of the event. Not only were players toured around the game but they also learned a lot of in-game features that only Hello Kitty Online offers.

Clues left on the SanrioTown Blogs

Everyone was successful in finding GM-Galatea! They were all rewarded with full set of equipment as a token of GM-Azrael’s gratitude for finding his missing friend.


Congratulations to all participants and we hope you enjoyed your trip with the Tour Bus Guide!

Designer Depot Open For Submissions

September 30th, 2009 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

To all the guilds that have participated in the Designer Depot event: It’s time for your guild to submit a design! Only guilds that have participated and submitted their orders at the Designer Depot Hat and Shirt events are allowed to submit their designs. Eligible guilds should follow these steps to produce their own customized guild shirts and hats:

1.  Check the Designer Depot orders thread for the items your guild is eligible to claim. Depending on your orders, download the corresponding template(s) for the shirts and hats.

Designer Depot Hat template

Click here to download the Designer Depot Hat templates

Designer Depot Shirt template

Click here to download the Designer Depot Shirt template.

2.  And now the fun part! Brainstorm with your guildmates and come up with a design for your shirts and/or hats. Remember to abide by the Terms and Conditions stated below! We recommend that you use the SanrioTown forums to discuss the designs with your guildmates.

*Tip: try to keep the design simple. Complex designs and text may not display clearly on in-game items.

3.  Using the image-editing software of your choice, apply your design to the template(s). You can also print out the template and fill it in by hand, then scan it. Either way, the files (JPG or PDF) should be no larger than 300 kilobytes each.

4.  Choose one person (leader / representative) who will submit the design to Sanrio Digital. Guild representatives have to register by logging in to their SanrioTown account and posting a reply in the orders thread stating the name of the guild represented. There is no need to post your email address on the forums. Representatives are the only persons eligible to submit guild designs for this event.

5.  Guild representatives must email hkoevent@hellokitty.com the following:

a.  Subject line: “Designer Depot – Guild Shirt” for shirt design submissions and “Designer Depot – Guild Hat” for hat design submissions.

b.  Email body: the name of the guild you represent.

c.  Attachment: the shirt/hat design in JPG or PDF file format with a maximum size of 300 kilobytes.

We look forward to seeing your designs! Deadline for submissions is October 21, 2009, at 23:59 Eastern Standard Time.

Terms and Conditions
1.  Designs must be created within the limitations of the orders made during Founders’ Beta. See the official announcements for the Designer Depot (Shirt Version) and Designer Depot (Hat Version) for more details.

2.  Designs should not contain:

a. Any Sanrio character or any other copyrighted characters

b. Profanity

c. Obscene images or symbolism

d. Words or symbolism that may offend another player, guild, the HKO Team or any other party.

3.  The Hello Kitty Online Team reserves the right to alter designs without prior notice based on its absolute discretion in the event the designs violate any of the conditions stated above, or for any other reason.

4.  The designs submitted by the appointed representatives are considered final and no future submissions or alterations will be considered.

5.  Submission of designs must:

a. Be made by the appointed representative (as listed publicly in the SanrioTown forums

b. Be made through the SanrioTown email address used to register as a representative in the SanrioTown forums

c. Be submitted by 23:59 EST on October 21, 2009, at 23:59 Eastern Standard Time. This is the deadline for submissions.

6.  Designs submitted by the guild become property of Sanrio Digital; the Hello Kitty Online Team reserves the right to publish them for any purpose without prior notice.

7.  Guilds that fail to submit a design before the deadline automatically forfeit their right to claim all items related to this event.

Interviews for the Helping Hearts Event Winners

March 24th, 2009 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

Calling on the leaders and representatives of the 3 winning guilds for our Helping Hearts charity event! We will be sending the questions for the guild interviews soon, so please send us an email at hkoevent{at}hellokitty.com so we will know who to send the questionnaire to. Please include your character name, email address and the name of the guild you are representing.

Again, the winning guilds are: HKO Founders, Coffee Shoppe, Misfits. Only emails from the leaders or representatives of these guilds will be entertained.

You may also have one person email us all the names and email addresses at once. Your answers will be posted permanently on the official Hello Kitty Online website, so please discuss among yourselves before sending in the final answers.

This announcement is also posted on the forums, so if you have any questions or concerns, you may reply to that thread or email us at onlinegame{at}hellokitty.com. Thank you very much!

Po Leung Kuk Children Thank the Players of Hello Kitty Online

March 23rd, 2009 by hkoevent:hellokitty.com

Sanrio Digital recently received an unexpected surprise from the children who received the bags and shirts you selflessly worked for during our Helping Hearts charity event. Of course, none of this would have been possible without you, our dear players, so now we’d like to share with you a few scanned images of the thank you cards we received from the Po Leung Kuk residential child care unit.

Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk
Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk
Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk
Thank you card from Po Leung Kuk

It’s truly heartwarming to see how much effort they put into their thank you cards. Giving may be a reward in itself, but we hope that seeing these notes remind us all further of what this charity event is really about. We join the children at Po Leung Kuk in thanking all our players once more for participating in this event.

We will soon post more of these cards plus interviews with some of our donors on the official Hello Kitty Online website, so watch out for that. We hope to see you in our next event!

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