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Oyster Mombasa Recipe

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007


    Baked with a Wine Garlic Sauce
    Yield: 8 portions (4 oysters per person)

In Kenya, the oysters are opened and each one goes on its own tiny china ramekin or tiny container which looks like a miniature coaster. Twelve of these little dishes are placed on a large platter with a bowl of dark, dark-red cocktail sauce and slices of lemon. Mombasa, that lovely city on the coast of Kenya, boasts the very best of these small oysters.

Open 32 SMALL OYSTERS (Bluepoints or Olympias if possible, don’t use Kumamoto’s, they are too small).

Leave them on the half shell and place on baking sheets.

Wine Garlic Sauce:

Combine: 1/2 cup MELTED BUTTER

4 cloves GARLIC very finely minced
1 tsp. SALT
few drops TABASCOLadle half of above sauce (1 tsp. per oyster) on each one.Bake at 350′F. for 6 to 8 minutes.Ladle the remaining sauce uniformly over the oysters again.

Serve immediately, four per person, with LEMON WEDGES on a 9 inch plate (or on hot rock salt if available).

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Forget French Oysters, try African Oysters!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Surprisingly, a lot of oysters that are popular are French, Canadian and American and every once in a while you get Scottish and Japanese oysters in the mix of “good oysters”.

When I tasted my first African Oyster it was clear to me that there is a delicious oyster that is just not getting the attention it deserves.

South African Oyster Dish

If you like oysters, you won’t be dissapointed by them. In Hong Kong I only know of one place that serves them, that’s a tiny place called Oyster C which is close to the Police Station in Happy Valley. So far Kenyan and South African top the list.