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Hello Kitty Online makes users show why they get a Beta account

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

This is what I got:

Thank you for subscribing to Hello Kitty Online closed beta!

As much as we would like to accommodate all our subscribers, there are only a limited number of accounts to give out. We would like to pick best people to test the game, so this is your chance to tell us why you should be one of the chosen applicants. Here’s how you can get an account:

  1. Create an account in and log-in.
  2. Go to Dream Studio and create a video answering the question “Why do you think you should be selected for the closed beta testing?“..
  3. The length of the video should be at least 15 seconds / 3 slides.
  4. Include “mmorpg” in the video’s tags.
  5. After saving the video, use the “Send video” function at the lower right corner of the page. Input the email address that you’ve used to subscribe for the closed beta account in the “Personal message” field, and send it to mmorpg @
  6. Multiple entries are allowed.

All submissions should be sent by 9 March 2008, 23:59 Hong Kong time. You can check out the Dream Studio tutorial  for help on how to make your video. SanrioTown reserves the right to pick the earliest and best videos based on our own judgment.

SanrioTown reserves the right to pick the earliest and best videos based on our own judgment. Don’t forget to check the Hello Kitty online game site and the official HKO blog for updates.

Hurry! The number of slots is really limited, so be sure to make those videos as soon as possible. Screening will run on a “first come first serve” basis, so don’t miss out on this chance to get a closed beta account! Good luck!

Hello Kitty Online - what food does it serve?

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

The news about Hello Kitty Online the newest MMORPG to hit the gamer scene has left quite a trail of excitement, I would have nothing new to add except interestingly enough, it has farming and occupations which  includes cooking, afterall, why farm something and then not be able to make produce.

So what kind of food would we like Hello Kitty Online to be able to make? Apple Pie Kitty style?

From the intro at Hellokitty Online:

Farming allows you to plant, grow and harvest your own crops; be sure to take good care of your crops so you will have a good harvest, and if you have a healthy farm you can even show it off to your online friends! You can use many other skills like cooking, tailoring, making furniture, and building houses.

Hello Kitty Online Game

Monday, February 11th, 2008

So the story is that a Hello Kitty Online game is due out soon…

There is a forum discussion to it on Sanriotown so something is up, but nothing else, just a discussion group, no announcement!

So, what’s the scoop?