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Privée, Hong Kong’s newest hot club

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Although not much is written about it on the Internet, Privee is a new club recently launched on Wyndham Road, next to where all the new action in the Lan Kwai Fong area with all the new nice restaurants, it’s located right where Edge used to be.

Although Privée does not typically serve food, it appears to be the talk of the town, the interior is well done, has a great video screen and music and sound inside the Club is very well made, the area is spacious as well. As it’s too dark at night I couldn’t take any good pictures of it but will post some if I have it, the decor is sort of European with marble….it does get quite busy at night but that is to be expected of the area and the venue.

Inakaya in Roppongi

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Inakaya is a famous Robatayaki place in Roppongi, Tokyo’s famous club and bar district. The restaurant is particularly famous for it’s theatrical style serving of food where every order is shouted across like a military order repeated by all the staff in one major chorus. The restaurant in itself is quite small and the food is cooked and served by the two Chefs who are in a kneeling position and don’t move (except perhaps to go the bathroom), they serve all the food with an extended long stick to you to every guest in the restaurant, including the Beer!

The quality of the food is excellent, but the ingredients are really not that special, it relies primarily on the freshness and the quality of the raw materials instead, you can feast your eyes on this, the king prawns were still moving and the vegetables looked like they were just plucked from the ground. Each dish was well made and tasted incredibly.

This photo was taken from where you sit and eat, the two Chef’s are kneeling in their position preparing the food and basically putting everything on a grill (or around it). At around 830pm they have a different "show" or display of food preparation of some kind, this time it was about pounding rice, and the restaurant guests had a turn in pounding the rice.

The big bucket of rice is pounded by a giant ehr, pounding stick I guess and it is pounded with such force that the rice eventually (already cooked and sticky) just turns into a gooey mass of stickiness.

The rice is then stirred around, flattened, and then pounded again, this process went on for at least 15 minutes or more, they then served the sticky rice in some kind of brown coating, tasted like sweet sticky rice, and you could hardly feel the rice grains, not surprisingly.

Now if someone could bring this concept to Hong Kong!

Food Guide Introduction in Hong Kong

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Wikipedia has an excellent entry into Food guides in Hong Kong, the link is as follows:

It covers the main areas, it is not a restaurant guide, but more specifically a guide to the kind of foods and food styles available in Hong Kong.