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“We have never imagined our romantic story in the MTR station would make us the chosen couple of such a wonerful event. We would like to thank Sanrio and MTR Corporation again for this MTR Hello Kitty dream wedding — an experience we shall remember for the rest of our lives.”
- Horlick and Jamie

Bridegroom : Mr. Jamie Ng
Bride : Miss Horlick Ho

Story : Traveling on the MTR together is a sweet habit of their daily life routines. It was 5 years ago when Jamie and Horlick, who were classmates at university, met up again by chance at an MTR Station after graduations. Today (February 14, 2007), under the witness of friends, relatives and MTR passengers, they married in the first-ever legally valid MTR Hello Kitty Dream Wedding in Hong Kong. The couple thanked the MTR Corporation, for providing reliable and efficient train services other the years, and for the sweet at memories they had on their MTR journeys. They would also like to thank the MTR Corporation and Sanrio Wave HK Company Limited for creating 5 “first-ever records” for this wedding ceremony :

  1. First-ever legally valid MTR wedding in Hong Kong
  2. First-ever Hello Kitty Wedding Garment in Hong Kong
  3. First-ever wedding hall in an MTR Station in Hong Kong
  4. First-ever Hello Kitty Wedding Train in Hong Kong
  5. First-ever bridesmaid & best man by Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel in Hong Kong