Crystal Shadows
~*~what is, might be, but also, cannot be~*~

Who is She?

My name is Hitori, and I am the 7th Child. My name can mean two things. First, it is “Phoenix”. My mother gave me this name because to her, I am like a Phoenix; strong, beautiful, and one who will live forever. My Father gave me this name for another reason… Hitori can also mean “Alone”, and I am to be such forever.

My life is being written down page by page by the Magic of the Sorcerer. He knows all things and sees all things. He knows what will happen to me, but He does not wish to tell me so. For I must find my own path, like all of us should.

Perhaps one day I will know if my life will have a happy ending. But for now, I will settle for reading each page of my life, savoring every word until my last breath has escaped me…