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She Wins…

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

sak120901iyOne fateful morning, the 7th Child’s third eldest sister, Sachiko-chan came to visit her sister. She decided it was time to teach her youngest sister a lesson about life, and her words, though cruel, were convincing to the 7th Child’s heart.

The world, as they both now it, revolves around money. No matter how much anyone wishes to deny it, people only give their respects to people who are rich.

In a way, the 7th Child begins to think about the things she has done, and the things that she has been doing… Though she doesn’t want to admit it, she knows how much power money can have…

This is why Sachiko-chan is so untouchable to the world… As she will always be. She has a husband who loves her and spoils her with anything and everything she could ever want. It begins to look very tempting to do what Sachiko did… Find someone who is rich, and get married as soon as possible. She has everything she could ever want, and she never has to worry ever again.

So this is the appeal of the rich. Would the 7th Child slip into the same temptation? Who would really know…

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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

After a mournful and lonely regret of the lost of the 5th Child whom we have no record of, Yumi-dono concieved the 6th Child and 3rd daughter of the Nakashima Clan. Prophesized by the Warlock as the Child of Great Fortune, she was lovingly named Nakashima Sachiko.

Taiki-sama, the king, has no idea that Sachiko is actually the 6th child, because the Queen never gave him that information. Sachiko, on the other hand, knows fully well who she really is, and uses it to her advantage.

Sachiko married at a young age after her lessons from the Great Magicians were finished. She’s never worked a day in her life, a fact that the King is very proud of. It is very frustrating for the 7th Child for their Father to revere someone who does not work, rather than give recognition to the Child who works hard to keep her Family together.

This does not mean, however, that the 7th Child hates Sachiko.

Sachiko’s husband if a fine young man whom the 7th Child fully accepts with open arms. She is grateful that her Onee-chan has found such a wonderful husband, but for the King to wish the 7th Child to do the same as her sister did is of annoyance to her.

For most of the 7th Child’s life, she has been compared to Sachiko’s ways and mannerisms… It’s difficult for the 7th Child to live her life the way she thinks is right, but she refuses to cave in to her Father’s ways.

Sachiko now lives in Rich Land of Kajou with her husband, and occassionally visits her sisters in Hamano.


Monday, December 11th, 2006

Inheriting the name of the King, Taiki-kun in the 4th Child and 2ndson of the Nakashima Regime. He is a hard-working young man who loves to pick on his little sisters, as all older brothers do.

Her Majesty the Queen is very proud of her son, because Taiki-kun is the first of her 6 Children to have been able to stand up on his own in his country, no matter how poor it was deemed to be. He continues to strive hard to enrich his Kingdom for his beloved Goddess.

During Taiki-kun’s lifetime, he has experienced the love of 2 women, one a Princess and the other a Goddess. This is his weakness, as he tends to forget his own welfare and Kingdom when it comes to love.

The 7th Child loves Taiki-kun dearly, and is one of the reasons why she stays behind in their Kingdom, away from Hamano. They always seem to disagree about something, sometimes of small and sometimes of large scale, but always to the 7th Child’s breaking point. But with every challenge she conquers, the 7th Child grows to become a stronger young woman… And for that, she is very thankful.

The 7th Child worries about her brother as he walks precariously on the Edge of a Cliff in order to win his Goddess’ Love. She honestly believes that her brother is entitled to be happy, but not to the expense of his own pride and well-being. This does not stop her from helping and supporting his brother’s decision, however, because that is how much she cares for him…