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Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Seven years after Kuroda’s birth, a new child came into the lives of Nakashima Kaito and Ayumi… And thus they named him Suruwatari, but he’s better known as Tari-kun fo short.

Tari is a smart boy with many talents… He is a fast learner with a love for the arts much like the 7th Child. It is unfortunate, however, that no matter how hard Hitori tires, she simply cannot get along with the young prince…

The reason? Tari may be an extremely talented individual, but he’s very spoiled and selfish… If he can get people’s attention to focus on him, then he’ll do it. It is of no matter who he crushes in the process, as long as he’s happy, then all was right with the world.

For this reason, Kuroda-kun doesn’t like getting along with his brother either, but unlike the 7th Child, he has no choice. Tari always has his way, and Kuroda always takes the blame… It is this fact that saddens Hitori most of all…


Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

A younger boy of 4 years, and the first child of Kaito and Ayumi, Kuroda-kun is a simple boy with simple wants and needs… He adores playing, whether it was inside, or outside the castle walls. When competitive-ness is concern, Kuroda will be the first to be there as its challenger.

As with any boy of his age difference, he and the 7th Child first did not get along very well. Kuroda is used to having things his way, and Hitori is used to have things her way. But with some odd and complicated way, the two became the best of friends in their younger years; a bond that won’t be easily broken by the tests of time.

It is unfortunate that there is one thing coming between Kuroda-kun and Hitori… And that is none other than Kuroda’s Mother, Ayumi. Hitori cannot compete with the person who gave life to Kuroda, and therefore, as more time passes, the more Hitori keeps her distance.

Indeed, they are still good friends, but only friends from a reasonable distance. It’s a harse reminder that and Aunt and Nephew, cannot be as close as a Brother and Sister.