Crystal Shadows
~*~what is, might be, but also, cannot be~*~

She Wins…

sak120901iyOne fateful morning, the 7th Child’s third eldest sister, Sachiko-chan came to visit her sister. She decided it was time to teach her youngest sister a lesson about life, and her words, though cruel, were convincing to the 7th Child’s heart.

The world, as they both now it, revolves around money. No matter how much anyone wishes to deny it, people only give their respects to people who are rich.

In a way, the 7th Child begins to think about the things she has done, and the things that she has been doing… Though she doesn’t want to admit it, she knows how much power money can have…

This is why Sachiko-chan is so untouchable to the world… As she will always be. She has a husband who loves her and spoils her with anything and everything she could ever want. It begins to look very tempting to do what Sachiko did… Find someone who is rich, and get married as soon as possible. She has everything she could ever want, and she never has to worry ever again.

So this is the appeal of the rich. Would the 7th Child slip into the same temptation? Who would really know…

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