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Makoto’s New Life

imageOne would think, after all these years, a memory such as Kojima Makoto’s would have been forgotten. All the pain, all the joy, they should be left in the past…

But there is trouble when you keep seeing the person you wish to forget.

Because of their past, the 7th child wished to stay away from him, but Makoto did not want to end the relationship that way. There was goodness in his intentions, but there’s sadness and pain in the 7th Child’s heart.

“To see that person to be happy, that was what I wanted. For him to find the one just for him, to see him smile, for him to feel the happiness that I felt now. That was what I thought I wanted, but why is there a twinge in my heart, every time I see him with ‘her’?”

Dearest Hitori, you must leave what’s in the past and move on. though your heart aches of confusion, envy, and jealousy, you did not make the wrong choice to let him go.

One day, when all the pain and confusion is gone, maybe you can talk to him again as if nothing happened… But you both knew there was something there, and the what ifs will never cease. Leave the past in the past, make your choice to stay away that you may move forward, head held high and strong…

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