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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

sesshomaru-sama.jpgUpon pursuing further studies in Advance Sorcery and Enchantments, the 7th Child had reached a near level of perfection. in her first year of merciless training, she met a gifted young healer named Yoshikuni Akito.

The first day they met was on a rainy afternoon. Hitori was running to her teacher’s place for her final exams. She was late, because she had waited too long for the rain to stop. Upon reaching a corner, she lost her footing and slipped on the wet pavement.

She braced her the inevitable impact, but it never came. Instead, she found herself leaning on someone who caught her before she fell. That was Akito-sama.

They did not introduce each other that day as both were in a hurry to catch their teachers on time. But as the days went buy, they found each other once again in the Collection of Written Knowledge. Akito was the one who first found out about Hitori’s name through some acquaintances, and began talking to her, meeting her whenever their schedules permit.

It was unfortunate that Akito had to pursue his quests in a different land. That was when they said good-bye and would not meet again for the next 5 years. Hitori does not regret letting him go, and neither does Akito. He married a Princess from the lands of his quest and visits Hitori whenever he is back in the land where they first met.