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It Hurt Me…

As my travels led me to a place you love, I was shocked at what I found. The magic you used was completely different from mine. It was alright at first, as I tried to grow accustom to the ways of your land, but unfortunately, the language you spoke was not the same as my own.

How unfortunate that I thought you would take me seriously when I asked the silliest of questions…

Why was it that at that moment, when I was at my breaking point, you found it a light matter? Right now, I understand it, but back then, I had no idea. This land of yours, the place you hold dear, everything is unfamiliar to me. And it hurt me for a while to think that you weren’t taking me seriously… It seemed rude to be talking to someone else about the problems I was experiencing with my magic, when I was right there in front of you.

Is it hard for you to talk to someone like me who doesn’t know about your Sorcery? Yet I want to learn more about it, and I try hard to… I am familiar with the old texts from long ago, but yours is all new now…

Is it bad for me to know these Arts?

Am I a burden to you when I ask for help?

In your eyes, was I really that incompetent?

I’m sorry that I’m not like you, and I’m sorry that I prefer to ask first before researching on my own. I’ll do my best to find things out for myself now instead of having to ask you all the time.

The last thing I ever wanted was to be a burden to you…

I sometimes think that… perhaps…

Would it have been better if I had stayed a stranger to you? Dear Saint Valentine, you are but a cruel fate… You will always conquer the many and spare the few, leave everyone bleeding and still have them long for you.

2 Responses to “It Hurt Me…”

  1. Xinard Says:

    Such a cruel fate it seems but sometimes, events such as these only happen either to make us weaker or stronger. I know this will make you stronger…

  2. jigokushoujo Says:

    Kawai loli!!!!!
    She must have a beatiful story~~~~

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