Crystal Shadows
~*~what is, might be, but also, cannot be~*~


Amidst nearing graduation from the Magician’s Academics to lead up to the Higher Levels, the 7th Child encountered someone she holds dear… He was from the Orient, and at first was made fun of by other people because of his poor Language Skills; until he adapted to his new environment and became one of the most sought after wizards in their school…

He was Hara Masahiro… a gentle young man with a love for all things. To the 7th Child, he was the first to openly claim of his religion, not fearing prosecution and ridicule. It was the first time the 7th Child found one of the attributes she wanted in the person she will choose to truly love…

But was this love? Hitori had no way to compete with her rivals, who were plentiful… As much as Masahiro-sempai gave her some of his attention as gratitude for staying by his side when he was excluded, it was not something Hitori could bear with.

Everyone loves Masahiro, and Masahiro loved to be loved… Although he was a man who would love only one girl forever, now was not that time. He did not want to part with the attention he began recieving.

For a time, Hitori and Masahiro were always together. But even that had to stop. One of Hitori’s friends had also fallen in love with Masahiro, and Hitori could not bear hurting her friend. Understandably, this friend was not close to Hitori, and that’s the reason why she doesn’t know of Hitori’s love for Masahiro as well…

The Higher Levels of Magic were cruel to Hitori. Most students would not like to have anything to do with her, and so Masahiro could not be with her openly. “What would a powerful wizard want to have anything to do with a lowly commoner?” the people asked.

That was the last straw.

Hitori then decided to never go near Masahiro-sempai again… She wonders sometimes if Masahiro remembers her… But that is far from realitly…

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