Crystal Shadows
~*~what is, might be, but also, cannot be~*~


The loving wife of the First Child of Celestia, Watanabe Ayumi fell in love with Kaito-san at first sight… They were colleagues in pursuit of Mystic Quests whose paths crossed when they were at their Knowledgable Peeks.

But their Love for each other did not come by easily… Ayumi-chan had many rivals during the days when Kaito was still exploring his limits as a Prince…

One of the most well-known rival was known as Mai, a sweet girl who loved Kaito-san very much. She was said to have even gone into the King’s Chambers in order to ask for his appeal in his son’s choice of Ayumi-chan instead of her.

But alas, the King respected his son’s wishes, and denied Mai’s appeals. In the end, her love for Kaitou allowed her to accept his decision whole-heartedly and moved away from him without incident.

Mai had a family of her own, but she met a sad death one winter’s evening when an accidental fire started in her home. With no way out, she slept the eternal slumber, never to wake again.

Ayumi was devastated when she found out about Mai’s death, even more so was Kaito… Ayumi could not let herself go to funeral, and so Kaito went alone… It was not because Ayumi did not like Mai, but she was terrified to look at the lifeless visage of her rival, whom, in Mai’s own way, helped Ayumi achieve her goals.

Ayumi is a kind woman who gave Kaitou two children to call his own. She is known to speak her mind when she knows she’s right and refuses to back down for anyone, a strong trait that Kaito fell in love with.

It is unfortunate for the 7th Child, however, to have faced her Sister-in-law’s true colors at a young age. Hitori does not trust Ayumi at anymore, unlike when she was a child, she treated Ayumi like she would her own mother. There is no hate or vengeance, but much lack of trust… For a destroyed spirit takes more than time to mend…